Provo Photo Contest Finalists

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for their favorite Provo photos during the Public Voting Period. Everyone’s “likes” and “comments” on each photo submission helped us through this difficult process. We have been overwhelmed by all of the amazing photos submitted for Provo’s Photo Contest and selecting the photo contest finalists has been almost impossible. So after much deliberation, we’ve decided to announce the top 20 photos in each category instead of the top 10 as in years past.

The photo contest finalists have been given to the Provo Photo Contest Judges Panel to evaluate and select a winner. The judging criteria is based on: quality of submission – 20%, representation of Provo – 20%, composition – 20%, creativity – 20%, and originality – 20%. First, Second, and Third Place Winners in each category will be announced on Thursday, December 1, 2016.

I’m now excited to reveal the top-rated entries for the Provo Photo Contest. *Finalists aren’t listed in any particular order.

Provo Scenery Finalists

Jamie Martin
Jamie Martin
Kim Ashby
Kenna Bryan
Kendall Young
Josh Merrell
Jamison Metzger
Jen Clark
Robyn Gillespie Photography
Robyn Gillespie
Darren Atkinson
Spencer LeGrand
Jacob Keele
Aaron Nelson
Amber Smith
Dallin Green
Processed with Snapseed.
Austin Baird
Beau Sorensen
Bill Church
Brian Mortenson
Christian Peay
Christian Peay
Christina Bartholomew

Click below to view Provo Architecture Finalists!


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  1. Myranda

    I thought the finalists were the ones with the most likes and comments? I had the most likes and comments by far on my picture at the Provo Bike mural…

    1. bob

      You are a winner to me! I cant speak for Mayor Curtis but lunch is on him.

    2. John

      Hi Myranda,

      Your image did make the top 20 category but the judges felt like it fit better under the Provo Life category. If you scroll all the way down to the Provo Life Finalist section, you can find your image!

      1. Myranda

        I must have missed that! Thanks!

    3. Heidi

      I agree my photo in scenery had 77 votes, 29 comments. That was 4th place, yet more comments than even the ones with most likes. I do not understand.

      1. John

        Hi Heidi,

        The public votes are an important part of the judging but the photo contest judges are another aspect to selecting the finalists and winners. The photo contest judges took everyone’s likes and comments and included it in their evaluation. Judging criteria is based on: quality of submission, 20%; representation of Provo, 20%; composition, 20%; creativity, 20%; originality, 20%.

  2. Trilby Cope

    Outstanding photos. Every one. Congrats to all!

  3. Marla Wait

    Congrats to all photographers!! Your beautiful and remarkable photos remind us of how fortunate we are to live in and around Provo. Incredible work. Thank you for sharing your visual experiences with us.

  4. Cheryl

    We are all checking to see the images that won. Dec 1st was the date for winners to be notified. Has a date been announced for the rest of us to know? Are you waiting for responses from the winners??

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