Political Kool-Aid


I’ll miss many things about being mayor but some of the moments I will miss the most are those quiet mornings when I’m the first to arrive. I love it as the dawn is just beginning to break and I can sit with the lights off and make out the faint images of my office.

On those mornings I have an unofficial routine that starts by sitting in the chair normally saved for visitors. I look across my office at my desk and always have a moment of awe. For seven years the same thought has come to mind, “Today I get to be Provo’s mayor. How cool is that?”

The next part of the morning routine is spent kneeling down at my desk to say a prayer of gratitude that also includes a request for inspiration.

If I’m lucky these moments last a few more minutes before the office starts to hum and I get distracted.

Of late I’ve been joking that the last item of the agenda is to drink the small cup of Kool-Aid left on my desk by the Kool-Aid Fairy during the middle of the night. All politicians have a little Kool-Aid left on their desk every night that bit-by-bit reminds us of how important we are and how the world can’t get along without our direct influence (insert sarcastic smile). I can tell you first-hand how good it tastes.

I’ll miss the quiet moments in the Mayor’s office and I’ll miss the Kool-Aid.

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