300 South Update

Raised Median Installation Between University Avenue – 700 East

Raised median installation began early this week. These medians will improve safety by preventing left turns across multiple lanes of traffic. These updates to 300 South will have an initial impact on traffic and the neighborhood. Raised medians will change the traffic patterns on 300 South by forcing turns at 400 East. Once median installation is completed, area residents will use 200 East and 400 East to exit the 300 South corridor. Although this update will move more traffic to these side streets and onto 200 South and 400 South, this configuration provides increased safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists driving along 300 South.

To prepare for this change in traffic flow, take some time to assess your daily commute. Where will you need to access and exit 300 South? If you have children who walk to school, communicate the new safety crossings at 200 East and 400 South, and make sure they understand safety rules and signage to help them even during the times they aren’t walking to school.

Crew member working on raised medians on 300 South

These raised medians will be installed from University Avenue to 700 East with pedestrian and/or bicycle breaks at 200 East and 600 East, and a large break at the new traffic signal at 400 East. As crews complete this work, the project team wants to make motorists aware that they can expect additional traffic shifts over the next several weeks. Remember folks, please use caution while driving during the corridor and be sure to obey posted signage and signals.

What Is Left in The Project?

As the project nears completion, crews are busy working on final remaining items.

  • Sidewalk installation between 400 East and 700 East is scheduled to continue through the first week of December.
  • Curb and gutter installation is ongoing between 400 East and the end of the project through the end of November.
  • Side streets on the north side between 400 East and 700 East will remain closed to facilitate roadway tie-in, curb and gutter, and sidewalk prep and installation. For those needing to access Allen’s Super Save Market on 655 East, it is recommended that you use 400 East or use 200 South to 600 East.
  • Tree and shrub planting is scheduled to occur in
    the spring.
Decorative light posts installed along the south side of 300 South. Traffic signals, street light conduit and bases, and street sign foundations between 400 East and the end of the project, are actively being installed by crews through the end of November.

Project Information

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and Provo City are partnering to improve mobility along 300 South (US-89) in Provo from 100 West to 700 East. Construction is scheduled to complete by the end of 2016.


The project will reconstruct 300 South in concrete pavement; add new storm drain, water lines, curb, gutter, sidewalks, and raised medians; add a new traffic signal at 400 East, an improved pedestrian/bicycle crossing at 200 East and an improved pedestrian crosswalk at 600 East; add an 8′ pedestrian/bicycle path on the north side; bicycle lanes on both shoulders; new park-strips and landscaping with improved lighting, plants, trees and tree grates.

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  1. Michelle McCluskey

    I understand why you are doing it. My problem is when you shut Univerity down for Marathons or other activities, and you make all traffic go down to 300 south. Forcing people to go through the Measer Neighborhood. Traffic already sucks (sorry) with every street open. So let’s condense that. And don’t get me started on the traffic for July 4th. Please don’t do this!

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