Photo Contest Winners 2016


I’m excited to finally announce the winners of the Provo Photo Contest! The top 20 photos in each category are available for everyone to see in my latest blog post announcing the Photo Contest Finalists. You can also view all of the photos in the following Facebook Galleries: Provo Life Gallery, Provo Scenery Gallery, Provo Architecture Gallery.

Because we had so many beautiful pictures submitted, instead of just offering 1st place prizes, we have added a 2nd place prize, 3rd place prize and a couple of honorable mentions! The Overall Best Photo (Mayor’s Pick) will receive $500, 1st Place will receive $300, 2nd Place will receive $100, 3rd Place will receive $50 and Honorable Mention will receive $25. The Mayor’s Office will be contacting the winners through email.

And now for the moment you all have been waiting for —

Mayor’s Pick – Overall Best Photo

Christina Bartholomew

Provo Scenery

First Place – Brian Mortenson
Second Place – Darren Atkinson
Third Place – Josh Merrell
Honorable Mention – Aaron Nelson
Honorable Mention – Jamison Metzger

Provo Architecture

First Place – Dallin Green
Second Place – Christian Peay
Third Place – Connie Balluff
Honorable Mention – Beau Sorensen
Honorable Mention – Kimball Gardner

Provo Life

First Place – Melissa Hernandez
Second Place – Joey Johnson
Third Place – Myranda Smith
Honorable Mention – Andrew Branch
Honorable Mention – Ethan Reynolds
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  1. I’m so excited I won 2nd place! I totally forgot that I entered so I didn’t even get a chance to “vote” for myself or share with my friends and family! LOL

  2. Scott A

    Seeing all this awesome competition, my humble little snap never had a chance.

  3. Ginger

    I’m noticing that the first place and third place winners of the scenery contest chose to take their photos in or looking towards Rock Canyon. What a treasure for our community!

  4. Heidi

    Please, please. May I strongly suggest that next year and each year after, those who do not win cash prizes have the photographers be allowed to keep their rights. I won 4th in public voting and now you still keep my rights. I’m not okay with that and I would not have entered if I had fully understood and did not think I had excellent chance of making finalists if not winning. It would be nice to be able to enter other contests or galleries and now not able.

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