#1 Most Entrepreneurial #1 Self-Employment Hub in America


Two new rankings for Provo! According to Lawn Starter, Provo City is the #1 Self-Employment Hub in America and the #1 Most Entrepreneurial metro in the Nation by Smart Asset.

For thousands of residents of the Provo metro area self-reliance takes the form of self-employment. In fact, Provo is the No. 1 large metro area in the U.S. for reliance on self-employment income, according to a LawnStarter analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.

Provo also claimed the top spot in the ranking of the most entrepreneurial small and mid-size places. More than 18% of businesses in Provo were launched between 2012 and 2014 and 6.79% of employees work for a new business. It ranks first for both of those metrics. Plus, a whopping 76.2% of businesses in the area are classified as a small business (meaning there are less than 10 persons employed by the business).

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