2016 Reader Favorites


I thought it would be fun to end the year with a little round up of  YOUR favorite posts. I looked up the most popular posts based on page views and the results were interesting. Maybe you’ll see one of your favorites?

Here are the readers’ (yes you!) top 10 favorite, most read posts from 2016. Enjoy.

#10 – I shared this video while making an important, life changing announcement.


#9 – Announced the demolition countdown for Provo’s iconic smokestacks.


#8 – I shared some impressive before and after pictures of Provo Town Square.


#7 – I encouraged everyone to take a walk in an area of our city that is new to them and shared this list for inspiration.


#6 – Who didn’t grab their bikes, trikes, boards, skates, and scooters and ride on down to the grand opening of Provo’s Lakeview Parkway?!


#5 – Everyone checked out the updates for this year’s Freedom Festival Parade.


#4 – I thought it would be fun to put together a list of Halloween events that your friends and family could enjoy.


#3 – I revealed a new music video from our Merry Christmas Provo album, “Away in a Manger” performed by R&B singer songwriter Junior Maile featuring Pati. It was our most watched video of the year.


#2 – To kickstart your summer adventures, I came up with a list of 7 awesome events held in Provo.


#1 – I shared an open letter to Provo and Utah residents and was overwhelmed by everyone’s response.

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