Farewell LaVell Edwards


The news of LaVell Edwards passing caused me to feel a deep emotional sadness as well as bring a smile to my face. The smiles come from a strong sense of goodness and pleasant memories evoked by thoughts of his life. The sadness comes because I regret having such an amazing human being leave us.

I grew up watching my mom listen to Paul James broadcast the games and according to my mom, every time they lost it was because of the officials, the uniforms, the weather or something else out of the hands of LaVell.

I was a student at BYU during the national championship era and attended the game when Steve Young replaced an injured Jim McMahon. I remember telling my wife we were in trouble with this new quarterback and with Jim out of the game.

I’ve always loved BYU football and I’ll miss the quiet influence of LaVell Edwards. Not only over the game of football but over our city as well.

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  1. Katherine Stay

    You pretty much took the words right out of my mouth!

  2. Mark D Ogletree

    Mayor, I believe it’s time for the city of Provo to have an official “Lavell Edwards Day”

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