How can I intern at Provo City?

A question I get asked often is, “How can I intern at Provo City?” This is a great question and I have a few different answers!

The city actually has quite a few internship programs and positions available throughout the year for students and graduates. Depending on the department, time of year, and whether you are looking for paid or non-paid, there’s a good chance that you might find an opportunity that fits your needs.

Understanding what types of internships we offer, when we are hiring and how you can apply can be a game changer. For example, in the Mayor’s Office we start the hiring process for our annual intern in early spring. We are actually hiring for an intern right now! So if you are graduate student in Public Administration and are looking for a part-time, seasonal internship check out the job description here. The position closes on February 13th at 6:00 PM.

To help break everything down, I’ve put together a list of positions filled & unfilled, a short description for each and when we usually hire. Take a look and share with a student! *Please note that the non-paid internships are open file positions. Applications are accepted on a continuing basis and if a position becomes available, we will contact you by phone or email if you are selected for an interview.

Paid Internships

Council Intern

Rachel Stone, Council Intern

  • Council Intern: Filled – usually hire in May/June
  • Mayor’s Office Intern: Now hiring—usually hire in March/April
  • Energy Systems Operations Intern: Filled – hired in January
  • (2) Legal Interns: (Law Clerks): Filled – hired in May and September
  • (3) Engineering Interns: Filled – hired in April/May
  • (3) Water Administration Interns: Two of three filled – hired in June/December
  • Planning Intern: Hasn’t been filled since 2012
  • Sanitation Intern: Hasn’t been filled since 2014
  • Stormwater Intern: Hasn’t been filled since 2014

To stay up to date on Provo’s paid internship opportunities you will want to browse our employment opportunities found on the Human Resource page on Apply online at

Unpaid Internships

Legal Department Intern
The intern will assist with the duties of the legal department in the following areas: claims; civil and criminal litigation; discovery; zoning code enforcement; and legal research. The intern will also perform regular office staff duties, such as interacting with the public, filing, scanning, etc. The intern will have the opportunity to shadow attorneys and attend court hearings when other duties permit. This position may be used for school credit with the prior agreement of the department. This internship lasts one semester.

Direct Supervisor: Gary Millward, Assistant City Attorney
(801) 852-6140 |

Event Planning Interns
This intern will plan and facilitate special events for the City of Provo from pre-production through post-production. Interns will develop skills in 9 primary areas: (1) activity development, (2) budgeting & inventory, (3) marketing, (4) experience theming, (5) volunteer management, (6) donations & fundraising, (7) logistical management, (8) entertainment and vendors, and (9) post-production. Events vary with each season and may include Science Palooza, Spring Festival, Bike Prom, Pioneer Day, Movies in the Park, Halloween Carnival & Haunted House, Christmas Market, and Countdown in Provo. Interested interns may fill out an interest form to request more information.

Direct Supervisor: Mary Dunn, Event Coordinator
(801) 852-6632 |

Event Interns

Event Planning Interns

Community & Adaptive Programs Interns
This intern will plan, facilitate, and evaluate community, adaptive, and senior programs for the City of Provo, including educational, fitness, art, social, computer, and other life enrichment programs; prepare promotional advertising for programs; prepare and maintain curriculum, reports, records, and equipment inventory; assist other staff members and the public as needed; and perform other related duties as assigned. Interested interns may focus more fully on community or adaptive if desired. Interested interns may fill out an interest form to request more information.

Direct Supervisor: Alicia Christensen, Program Coordinator
(801) 852-6621 |

Sports Interns
This intern will plan, facilitate and evaluate youth and adult sports programs for the City of Provo. Intern will develop skills in coordinating youth and adult sport programming and maintaining a strong participant base. Will also work with volunteer coaches in team creation, scheduling, and tournament bracketing. Additionally, intern may create promotional advertising for programs; provide specific program supervision; prepare equipment/inventory; assist other staff members and the public as needed; and perform other related duties as assigned. Sports programs vary by season and may include: summer camps, football, basketball, softball/baseball, soccer, or other niche sports programs. Please indicate in Certifications section on application your internship preference. Interested interns may fill out an interest form to request more information.

Direct Supervisor: Penn Almoney, Sports Supervisor
(801) 852-6628 |

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  1. Kira

    Is the Planning Intern the same as the Event Planning intern? Because if it’s different, I can’t find any other information about it, but I am interested in learning more if it is related to City Planning.

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