BRT + CTR + BLT = Current Dilemma

In the video above you’ll see that I had a moment of weakness (and that I can rock angel wings but that’s beside the point). It’s easy to become impatient during a construction project, especially when the roadwork is happening on some of Provo’s busiest streets. But it is important to know that access will stay open to all your favorite businesses, restaurants and retailers regardless of the roadwork. That means you can keep supporting the businesses in our community as we grow together.

The Provo metro area has one of the best business climates in the country, which means we have lots of great shopping and dining options. When construction is complete on the Provo Orem TRIP (Transportation Improvement Project), you’ll have more choices for how to get around to all your favorite places. In the meantime, don’t let roadwork hold you back from taking advantage of all our community has to offer.

Mitigation plans are being put in place to handle construction issues like noise and dust and potential changes to landscaping, parking and local events. The project team is currently meeting with businesses and residents along the project route to discuss and address their concerns that may arise during construction.

The contractor has established a dedicated 24-hour construction hotline. If you have any questions about construction, or would like to schedule a construction presentation for your business or organization, please contact our 24-hour hotline at 888-661-8806.

As construction information becomes available, I will continue to post updates on my blog. You can also subscribe to the project’s email list for weekly construction updates. Just visit and fill out their form.

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  1. Rebecca Nielsen

    Ha ha!! Well done! Thanks for the fun entertainment this morning and the motivation to shop local!

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