Women’s Day Invite to Mr James Green

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Recently we’ve heard several sides weigh in on a debate that’s been brewing for years – What’s a day’s work worth?

One of those voices shared his opinion in a letter to the editor which was printed in the Park City newspaper by a resident of Wasatch County, James Green. In the letter Mr. Green shared his opinion indicating there are reasons women and men aren’t treated as equals in the workplace and gave us a few explanations why. One was the “simple economics” of demand driving down wages for male workers. But what about women who never marry or those who are widowed? So many questions and circumstances.

I’d like to openly invite Mr. Green to attend my upcoming Women’s Day event on Wednesday, March 8. He’ll have an opportunity to hear from women who come from different walks of life and who’ve had distinct experiences. It would be good for him to take special note of BYU economics professor, Jocelyn Wikle, during the lecture portion. I’m personally looking forward to her remark.

We can all learn something from listening to the opinions of others. This is a chance for us all to discover new meanings or shifts in thought… More listening, maybe a little less judging.

So what do you say Mr. Green? Join me on March 8 and, this is just a guess, we’ll both discover something new and valuable.

Reach me at john@provo.org or call my office 801.852.6108.

Mayor John Curtis

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  1. LaNora Adams

    Good thinking Mr. Mayor. I would like Mr. Green to explain his opinion and hear from the many women of Provo. Would create a lively opportunity for civil debate.

  2. Mr. Underhill

    Two quick questions.

    First: “I’d like to openly invite Mr. Green to attend my upcoming Women’s Day” Whose women’s day is this, because all the advertising and info I have seen suggests it is Provo City’s event, but your comments suggest it is your event. It is not a big deal just looking for a little clarification.

    Second: When will Provo City, or you, be putting on Men’s Day. I think the goal for all of us is equality right. Lately though what has been going on feels less like equality and more like Male Shaming. I for one look forward to reading about your, or Provo’s, upcoming Men’s Day and all the lectures associated with it.

    Sad you’re not running again. You’ve historically been fair to everyone and I have always appreciated that about you. Your upcoming Men’s Day will be the perfect companion to the Women’s Day and continue the long tradition of equality you have always demonstrated.

    1. John

      If there’s an International Men’s Day and you’re willing to head up organizing the event – I’m in.


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