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Utah Lake State Park Marina

Update – The dredging project at Utah Lake State Park has been postponed till after Labor Day 2017. The park is currently opened and will remain open throughout the 2017 season. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the Utah Lake State Park at (801) 375-0731.

If you enjoy getting updates about Utah Lake on my blog, I would also recommend signing up for Utah Lake’s email alerts. The Utah Lake Commission sends out an email about once a month informing readers about recreational opportunities, water levels, carp removal, dredging projects, etc.

For example, I’ve copied the text from the most recent email blast and have pasted it below:

Utah Lake 2017 Water Levels

Due to the previous 5 years of drought, Utah Lake dropped in elevation each of the past 5 years. This year, snow-pack levels would have us believe that upper basins will be filled and thus Utah Lake will also have opportunity to regain elevation lost in recent years. To learn more about historic water levels at Utah Lake, read our blog post titled “Understanding Water Levels at Utah Lake.” In high snow-pack years, like this year, there is often enough to satisfy downstream water rights and have excess retained in Utah Lake. See the image below for more info on the snow pack levels.


Carp Removal Update

Mike Mills, June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program (JSRIP) recently reported on carp removal to our Technical Committee. In 2016, just over 3 million pounds of carp was removed, bringing the project total (2009-Current) to approx. 24 million pounds removed from Utah Lake.

This has lowered the estimated carp population from 24 carp per acre of water in 2012 to only 12 carp per acre in 2016. The report that will turn these numbers from estimates to facts will be made available once USU completes their research (eta. Spring 2017).

Fishing Tips: Ice Off

Ice off” is a term used by local fisherman to describe the time each spring when the ice starts to melt off the water bodies in Utah. There is a great article, written by Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) that has some tips on how to be successful during ice off.

At today’s Technical Committee meeting, we received a report that fisherman were packed in at a majority of the public access points around the lake. We are excited to hear that so many are out enjoying Utah Lake and its great fishing.

According to one local fisherman; white bass, yellow perch, and black crappie are all typically active in Utah Lake at this time of year, in schools. In his words, “if you are not catching the fish you want, MOVE! Driving to various access points can be much more productive than just sitting there!”

Provo River Delta Restoration Project

Did you know Provo River used to have a delta? There is a project, currently in the design and planning stages, that will restore the Provo River Delta and improve the existing river channel. This effort will improve the area for wildlife, and there will also be recreational areas including: kayak/SUP access points, fishing piers, and much more!

The Provo River Delta Restoration Project is managed by the Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission, in conjunction with the Utah Lake Commission and other stakeholders. There is a lot of work involved in this process, and the full project is scheduled for completion in 2020. Check out their website, and stay tuned. They will definitely be looking for feedback from residents in the future!

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