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In an attempt to help residents become more informed about this year’s municipal elections, I’ve launched a website full of details and information. It’s got everything you need to know about how you can register to vote, what municipal seats are open, when and how you can file for candidacy, where to find your precinct, and how you can contact the city recorder. You can check it out at!

I’ll continue to update the page with election announcements, candidate information, primary election details, etc. So stay tuned for more!

Like many of you I’m looking forward to a robust election season involving as many residents as possible. I hope we’ll all take the time to study the candidates and their message and cast an informed vote. The opportunity to vote is a freedom and right that comes with living in a democratic nation.

I’ve often heard, and I agree, that local elections impact our life more than any other layer of government. This November we’ll all have a chance to make a substantial impact on how our city is governed. I hope many of our residents will consider running and I trust that we’ll all get out and vote.

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