Provo #1 Best City for Successful Aging

The Milken Institute has ranked Provo #1 for the Best City in the Nation for Successful Aging! Provo has drawn many older residents in recent years because of our healthy, engaged lifestyles and safe environment. With ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, including Utah’s five national parks, Provo-Orem fosters an active, healthy culture while low drinking and smoking rates boost its health profile. The area is home to Brigham Young University, with its opportunities for engagement and learning. Provo also offers good options for social support and faith-based engagement and boasts optimistic residents and high rates of volunteerism. A healthy economy provides employment opportunities for people of all ages. According to Milken, Provo residents live healthy and active lifestyles, there is learning and enrichment in our vibrant economy, and there is safety, security, and a sense of community. See more of the ranking details below:

Healthy living

  • Active population fighting off disease: low rates of diabetes, obesity, and Alzheimer’s’
  • Binge drinking a rarity; few smokers
  • Population 65-plus living mostly at home; many caregivers

Curious minds

  • Learning options: enviable college enrollment rates
  • More than 90 percent of older people hold high school degrees
  • Service-oriented: high levels of volunteerism among older adults
  • Tech-savvy: Internet used by eight in 10 older individuals

Vibrant economy

  • Working life: high employment growth, low unemployment
  • Hang out a shingle: expanding small-business sector
  • Low poverty among older adults
  • Sharing the wealth: one of the smallest income inequality gaps

Safe, supportive neighborhoods

  • Low crime and car-crash rates
  • Public transportation improving: strong special-needs options
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