Aaannnd we’re back!

were-back-1I’m sure many of you didn’t notice but last Thursday we ran into a problem with the blog. The hosting sight locked us out because we had too many comments. It’s taken us about a week but thanks to some hard work by folks here at the city “we’re back!”

Part of getting the blog back online was a decision I had to make about giving up my rights to the blog and turning them over to the city. Seven years ago when the blog was started it was edited, written and designed by me. I didn’t feel like I could ask the city to pay for an unproven tool so I have been hosting it on a personal server account. Over the years much of the burden of keeping the blog going has slowly shifted away from me and moved to others (not doubt you’ve noticed the improvement). Many have helped but a special shout out needs to go to Helen Anderson and Whitney Booth who have both played important roles in the progress of the blog.

Whitney and I had hallway conversation about the future of the blog and I had to decide between keeping it on my hosting plan or moving it over to a city server. I know it’s hard to understand but I felt like I was giving up my baby. I knew in my heart the right answer was to give ownership to the city but…dang it was hard.

I’m pleased to announce that the blog is now in the safe hands of city ownership. The new mayor will have the ability to start over or to use the domain and the blog that I believe to be one of the most successful political blogs in the nation. And at the same time all of the previous posts will be backed up and saved by the city.

We went back in time and found one of the very first posts (see below).

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 10.59.54 AM

Back in those days I got really excited when we had about 8 views a day (truth is that I was several of the 8 views and staff and family were several as well). I designed the blog with some very outdated tools (see above). Today, sever years later, we’ve had millions of views and the blog has become a big part of my time as mayor. You’ll need to forgive me if I still think it’s my baby and if I get sentimental about giving it up to the city.

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