Provo is one of the most connected cities in the country!


Google Fiber’s recently released their Community Impact Report. This report looks at how cities in America and Google Fiber collaborates with local partners and nonprofits to ensure that more people — especially the most digitally divided — have access to the Internet and opportunities to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Through a variety of efforts, including community programs focused on science, math, engineering and digital literacy, Google Fiber has seen positive results.

This year, together with its community partners, Google Fiber in Salt Lake City and Provo achieved the following:

  • 8,000 hours of digital literacy training
  • 20,436 children and families served by programs focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics supported by Google Fiber
  • 1,005,019 people reached through the work of Digital Inclusion Fellows
  • 147 families living in public housing with access to no-cost gigabit Internet
  • 25 nonprofit partners and community organizations provided with free gigabit Internet through Community Connections program
  • 363 youth participants in Create Your World + Made With Code Programming

According to an American Community Survey, since 2015, the digital divide in Provo has been reduced by nearly 50 percent. With more than 90 percent of Provo households connected to the Internet, the city is now one of the most connected in the country!

You can learn more about the report here.

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