Finishing Touches for 300 South

300 South

The Provo 300 South project team plans to resume work on 300 South starting Monday, May 8, 2017 to finish landscape installation, grind the roadway for smoothness and perform minor repairs to the concrete flatwork and roadway. This work is anticipated to last a week.

What will this landscape look like? The north side park strips will predominately be grass, perennials, shrubs and trees and will be maintained by Provo City Parks. These landscape features will enhance the work done on the south side of 300 South including the stamped colored concrete with tree grates and decorative lighting.

How will this impact you? During the day, crews will reduce traffic to one lane in each direction to allow room along the shoulder for landscape crews. Concrete grinding will be done at night when there is less traffic and crews have better access to the entire roadway. Although it seems like a noisy operation, residents should not notice much of a difference between the work and regular traffic.

Folks, please remember to obey posted signs and signals during this work.

What were the improvements again? The roadway is much improved now with on-road bike lanes, an off-road multi-use path, and Provo’s first bicycle- friendly intersection. Since mid-December, motorists have been traveling on a concrete roadway that will need less maintenance over its lifetime. Some other great features of this renewed roadway include new storm drain, curb, gutter, sidewalks and concrete pavement which will last longer and require less maintenance over the long-term.

Thank you! Once again, Provo City and UDOT would like to thank the area residents and local businesses for their patience during the main project activities and now as we place the finishing touches on 300 South.

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