What’s in our 2017 Budget?

The city budget is one of the most important policy documents that the Mayor and Municipal Council considers every year. Putting together the recommended budget is a critical responsibility of the Mayor, and the Administrative staff takes this duty very seriously.

State law requires that the Mayor deliver the recommended budgets to the Council at the first council meeting in May each year, and the Council must adopt a budget by June 22 for the fiscal year starting July 1.

Some people feel that the budget is first and foremost a financial document, but in reality, the City sets its priorities for city services through the budget. So it is not just about the money, but it is also about how we prioritize and deliver city services in the coming year.

So, we wanted to share some of the highlights of the recommended budget and encourage our residents to share their opinions on the budget with your elected officials.

  • The total recommended city budget totals about $207 million, including all operating and capital budgets for all funds.
  • The budget allocates $56 million in the General Fund, which provides most general city services like Parks and Recreation, Public Safety, Community Development and other city services.
  • New positions are recommended in the sanitation and wastewater funds, and positions partially funded in FY 2017 for Fire, Legal, Customer Service and Police are fully funded in the new budget
  • Property tax and sales tax rates are not proposed to increase in the new fiscal year.
  • A variety of small user fee increases are proposed in our continuing effort to make sure that the costs of city services should be covered as much as possible by those who use the services
  • Utility rates are anticipated to increase in the water, wastewater, stormwater and sanitation funds by about $11 per month all inclusive for the average residential user to provide for needed capital improvements in our systems. A new rate structure for wastewater services for multi-family housing is also recommended to be implemented.
  • No electric rate increase is included in the proposed budget.
  • Funding continues to be provided for needed capital needs for city buildings.

Budget decisions are never easy, but our commitment has always been to provide a responsible budget that meets the needs of our community while still keeping fees and taxes as low as possible. We hope that this document balances all of the needs of our community and our city government and maintains and improves Provo’s excellent quality of life.

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