Provo River Update

Provo River Flow

24 hour difference at the upper diversion. 100 cfs (cubic feet per second) to 1900 cfs.

Provo River Flow1

It’s been three days since our original notification started going out about the water levels increasing in the Provo River. It’s worth sharing with you what we saw through the weekend and what we should see moving forward.

We anticipate the levels staying consistent to what you’re currently seeing for possibly a few weeks. The Deer Creek Dam will continue its elevated release trying to make space in the upstream for spring runoff. As of early this morning, the water is running at just under 1700 cubic feet per second (CFS) where it’s typically around 150.

It’s incredibly important that we approach this water and the situation with caution. Please don’t dangle your feet in or venture out into the water. Remember the water only 6 inches under the surface is flowing maybe twice as fast as what you see moving on top.

Also keep children away from storm drains, culverts, creeks, and streams. Water levels can rise rapidly.

Outdoor enthusiasts including tubers and fishermen should avoid the Provo River below Deer Creek Reservoir through Tuesday morning due to dangerous conditions.

Our City crews are monitoring the situation constantly and have taken care of a few minor situations involving the large amounts of debris picked up by the water and moved.

As always, be careful and don’t underestimate the strength of the water and its potential to harm.

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