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Melissa Hernandez - Center Street

The filing period is now closed and the election season is upon us! Listed below are the candidates for the 2017 municipal elections. There will not be a primary election for District 5. District 2, City-wide I and Mayor will have a primary election on Tuesday, August 15.

Provo Mayor

Mayoral candidates include: Michelle Kaufusi, Kevin Wing, Eric Speckhard, Sherrie Hall Everett, Howard Stone, John Fenley, Larry Walters, Elliot G Craig, Odell Miner and Stephen Cope.

City Council District 2

District 2 has three candidates: George Handley, David Clark, and Leo Lines. Councilwoman Kim Santiago, who holds the seat, is not seeking re-election.

City Council District 5

District 5, has two candidates with incumbent David Harding and Tinesha Zandamela seeking the seat.

City Council City-wide I

City-wide candidates include incumbent David Sewell, Hunter Phillips, Mike Roan and Wesley Marriott.

I’m looking forward to a robust election season and hope we’ll all take the time to study the candidates and their messages and cast an informed vote. Please visit or contact the Provo City Recorder’s Office at 801-852-6524 for candidate information, council district maps, vote-by-mail details, and election announcements.

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  1. I love the new design of your blog/website!! It looks really sharp. It is going to be an exciting election (municipal and otherwise for obvious reasons!), that’s for sure.

    1. John

      Thanks Elizabeth!

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