Provo’s Easter Cross is Restored!


It’s been a year since I blogged about Provo’s Easter Cross. The cross served as symbol that brought different sects of Christianity together in the 1940s and was torn down and left in shambles during the 1970s. Hoping to restore the cross, Provo resident Niki Thornock worked with the Provo Community Congregational United Church of Christ to find a stone mason to rebuild it, give it a new location, and raise funding to make this project happen. After two and a half years of working on the project, I’m excited to announce the Easter Cross is restored!

On November 7, 2016 a man with a posi trac and a trailer moved the pieces of the Cross from their longtime home on Y Mountain to their new home in EastLawn Cemetery on Squaw Peak. The cemetery provided a small terrace where we could rebuild it. In March, a neighbor designed a landscape for the terrace, since it looked like a patch of mountain. The terrace was raked and smoothed and on April 15, a local Eagle candidate and his helpers laid 150 feet of sprinkler pipe and two pallets of sod, giving the terrace an entirely new look.

In early May, after some difficulty, we found a stonemason who knew how to build a cross. (Most stonemasons are great with walls and patios, but a cross is quite out of their experience. It’s even harder with natural stone.) The cemetery owner requested that the cross be completed by Memorial Day, so that was the deadline.

The stonemasons built a cinder-block core, filled it with concrete, and wrapped it with chicken wire. Then they wired the stones into place until the mortar set. They had day jobs, so they worked on the Cross evenings and weekends. True to their word, they were done by Memorial Day, so the Cross was up in time to be seen by the many visitors to the cemetery.

A bronze plaque is in the works. We still need several thousand dollars to recover the cost of the stonemasons, so donations are greatly appreciated.

Please visit and donate to this cause. 

Alternatively, checks can be made out to PCCUCC. For: Easter Cross.

Mail to:
Easter Cross Project
c/o Provo Community Congregational United Church of Christ
PO Box 132
Provo, UT 84603

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