Provo #2 Best City for Job Growth

Provo has been ranked the #2 best city in the nation for job growth! NewGeography used five measures of growth to rank all 421 metro areas for which full data sets were available from the past 15 years. 1) recent growth trend: the current and prior year’s employment growth rates, with the current year emphasized (two points); 2) mid-term growth: the average annual 2010-2015 growth rate (two points); 3) long-term momentum: the sum of the 2010-2015 and 2004-2009 employment growth rates multiplied by the ratio of the 2004-2009 growth rate over the 2010-2015 growth rate (one point); 4) current year growth (one point); and 5) the average of each year’s growth rate, normalized annually, for the last ten years (two points).

The data reflects the North American Industry Classification System categories, including total nonfarm employment, manufacturing, financial services, business and professional services, educational and health services, information, retail and wholesale trade, transportation and utilities, leisure and hospitality, and government.

Check out the ranking here:

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