Ballots will be mailed out today!

Today’s the day! All registered voters will have their ballots mailed out today, July 25th. In the next few days you should see your ballots in the mail – so keep your eyes out for a blue envelope.

You should also get a Voter Information Packet in the mail. It’s got everything you need to know about the Primary Election, Candidate Information, Voter Registration, etc. To make sure you’re ready to vote-by-mail keep reading for a “digital version” of the packet.

Get Ready to Vote by Mail

Provo City will be contracting with Utah County to conduct a vote-by-mail election. All ballots will be mailed out 21 days before each election to active registered voters. It is easy to vote – just fill out your ballot, sign the envelope, and drop your ballot in the mail. To be counted, ballots must be postmarked the day before the election.

For those who wish to submit their ballot in person, voters can easily place their ballot in secure drop boxes located at the Provo City Center (Customer Service desk) and the Utah County Election Office.

Voter Service Center

If you don’t receive a ballot in the mail, or lose/misplace your ballot, you may still vote provisionally on Election Day at the Voter Service Center at the Provo City Recreation Center (320 W 500 N) from 7:00 am – 8:00 pm. Registered voters must bring a current ID (driver license with their current address or two items that have their current address). A dropbox will also be available at the service center for those wanting to submit their completed mail-in ballot (in their signed and sealed envelope).

Make sure you’re registered!

Only registered voters will receive ballots in the mail. If you aren’t sure that your registration is current, you can easily check on People who have moved should take steps to ensure their address is updated.

If you need, you can get a registration form from the Utah County Clerk’s office at 100 East Center St or register online at For more information or for answers to specific questions, call the city recorder’s office at 801-852-6524.

What to do with your Vote-by-mail Ballot

  1. After researching the candidates, you can choose ONE candidate for Mayor, ONE candidate for Council Citywide and if you are in district 2 you can vote for ONE candidate for district 2 city council.
  2. Fold your ballot and put it in the affidavit envelope provided. YOU MUST SIGN THE ENVELOPE WHERE INDICATED!
  3. If you’re a first time voter who didn’t provide ID when you registered, you’ll also have to photocopy your ID and include it in the envelope. If you don’t have access to a copier, you can bring your ID to the Recorder’s Office to be copied—but you will need to put it in the envelope, so don’t seal it before.
  4. Fold the envelope flap along the dotted line to cover your signature.
  5. Notice the two shiny adhesive strips. Moisten both of them and fold the flap at the second dotted line. These adhesive strips will seal your ballot safely in the envelope and keep people from being able to see your signature when it’s in the mail.
  6. Please clearly print your return address and name—in case your signature is a work of art.
  7. Return the envelope. You may it put it in the mail (City will pay the postage)—MUST be postmarked BEFORE the election OR You may drop it off in person at the Utah County Election Office (100 East Center, Suite 3100-Provo) or the Provo City Center (Customer Service desk – 351 W Center Street). —including on Election Day.

Dates to Remember

  • Tuesday, July 25 – Vote-by-mail ballots are mailed to registered voters
  • Tuesday, August 8 – Last day to register to vote in person at County Clerk’s office or online at
  • Thursday, August 10 – Last day to request a vote-by-mail ballot in person
  • Tuesday, August 15 – Primary Election Day

Get to Know the Candidates

I’m looking forward to a robust election season and hope we’ll all take the time to study the candidates and their messages and cast an informed vote. Please visit for candidate information, council district maps, vote-by-mail details, and election announcements.

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