A Guide to Provo’s Wall Murals

If you’ve been out and about this summer you might have noticed a few new wall murals popping up around town. Especially in our Downtown and Startup Districts, you can discover a variety of oversized canvases and giant portraits painted on the sides of our buildings. I’ve been loving the vibe these wall murals add to our downtown and how they are enhancing our surroundings.

You can spot quite a few wall murals located off of Center Street and other main roads in Provo, but not all of the wall murals are easy to find. There are a few murals tucked away behind a building or in an alley so I thought it would be fun to share a list of locations in Provo where you can find all of our eye-catching wall murals.

So without further ado, here is your guide to Provo’s wall murals:

The Boxcar Studios Wall Mural

I’m loving the mountain inspired minimalist design of this wall mural painted by artist Havoc Hendricks. To see this 400 square feet of line magic in person, you can find the wall mural located behind The Boxcar Studios at 156 W 500 S.

Lars Wall Mural

Have you visited the Lars Mural yet? What are you waiting for?! It’s located behind Block 100 Antiques (145 N University Ave) in Downtown Provo. Brittany Jepsen of The House that Lars Built designed and painted the wall mural in partnership with Dove.

Photo by: @tea_obsession

Sensuous Sandwich Wall Mural

This bright and colorful wall mural is painted on the side of Provo’s Sensuous Sandwich at 163 W Center Street. Commissioned by Nu Skin, this wall mural was painted by London artist Louis Masai.  Louis Masai painted a group of Gunnison sage grouse, as part of his efforts to highlight the situation the endangered species and the planet are in. You can learn more about the wall mural here.

Photo by: Kim Ashby

Dallas Clayton Wall Mural

Have you visited the Dallas Clayton wall mural located at 52 N 100 W on the west side of Provo Town Square parking terrace? It’s even better in person! Commissioned by Chat Books, renowned illustrator and children’s author, Dallas Clayton teamed up with little artists to paint this mural.

Photo by Hanna Ockey

Maeser Park Wall Mural

Maeser Park is a beautiful neighborhood park located at 600 S 500 E. A brand new wall mural has been painted on the wall bordering the park. This mural was completed by the Maeser Neighborhood and designed by Alex Vaughn, using a community grant. With the park nearly completely fenced, there is a walking path circling the park if you want to take a stroll while your children are playing on the playground. Come see if for yourself!

Leuven Provo Bike Mural

If you’re looking for a fun bright-pink wall or you have a love for bicycling, you will definitely want to find the Leuven bike mural. This mural is tucked back behind FoxGlove Flowers and Rent-A-Center near 470 E Center Street in Provo.


Provo Bicycle Collective Mural

The Provo Bicycle Collective is located at 397 E 200 N. Designed by George Patterson, the mural is made up of beautiful silhouettes of the most significant buildings of Provo in front of our mountains, highlighted by mountain bike trails. In the foreground are streets polka dotted with what seems to be bike routes, showing how wonderful a cycling city Provo is.


Dolphin Wall Mural

Located on 198 W Center Street (on the side of the Fruta Crush). This is a larger than life mural that you don’t see every day!  It is filled with some of the most gorgeous sea animals that are painted in bright/bold colors that provide a carefree and lively backdrop to your photos.

Photo by Kim Ashby

Tute Genomics Pixel Wall Murals

Nestled behind the NuSkin building and the Provo City Center Temple on 150 S 100 W you can find a series of gigantic pixellated portraits – Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, and Oprah. Their creator is scientist and artist Reid Robison, the CEO of data-driven genetics company Tute Genomics. Robison said he wanted to use his office space to paint a unique tribute to several influential thinkers. Learn more about the pixel art here.

Photo by: Chase Lewis
Photo by: Chase Lewis
Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 3.56.18 PM
Photo by: Chase Lewis
Photo by: Reid Robison

Provo River Trail Murals

Provo native and artist Jess Smiley designed and painted the murals along the Provo River Trail – located on 820 N 850 W and Columbia Lane. In an effort to clean up and brighten the area, the Provo City Police Department commissioned the murals. The tunnels are definitely a brighter and more colorful and safer place.



Fort Utah Wall Mural

The Fort Utah Wall Mural is located on 200 W Center Street (on the side of Canyon Bicycles). This wall mural displays a timeline of Provo’s history and depicts scenes of Fort Utah, Provo’s Railroad, Mill, and Public Schools. Some of the biggest moments in Provo’s history adorn this brick wall.


Sweets Wall Mural

Sweet’s Island Restaurant is located on 711 Columbia Lane in Provo. Painted by artist, Vaimoana Litia Makakaufaki Niumeitolu, this bright and colorful mural is to show that we are here to serve. You can find a variety of wall murals painted around the entire restaurant.

Photo by: Tiki Republic

Guru’s Wall Mural

This wall mural is located behind Gurus Cafe on the north end of the building on 45 E Center Street. You can access it by walking through the restaurant or by parking in the back in the Well’s Fargo parking structure north of the restaurant.


Stan McShinsky, GIS Web developer for the city, has created this awesome map that identifies all of the wall murals in Provo. Thanks Stan!

*No doubt I’ve offended someone by leaving a wall mural off my list. So let me know what I’ve missed and I’ll add it to the guide.

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