Wear and Tear or Just Getting Older?

More wrinkles, a lot less hair and 8 years older and wiser. As my time in office draws to an end I’m naturally thinking about how I’ve changed over the last 8 years.

I still love coming to work, I still enjoy the same exercise routine and I still have the same wife. What’s different? Take a look…

  • I sleep about an hour less per night than I did in 2009
  • We’ve added 4 (almost 6) grandkids
  • Half of our 6 children have been married
  • We moved
  • I lost both of my parents
  • I’ve developed arthritis in my right hand. (I took a wild guess as to how many handshakes I’ve had in the last 8 years and I figure it’s over 50,000).
  • I think my ears are protruding even more.

Life is good! If I could only slow down father time.

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