Golf Course Annoucement

A month ago we asked you to stay tuned for more information about the East Bay Golf course. Well here it is – the least kept secret in town – Provo City has received an offer from a local group to build a medical school and health education facility at the golf course. The proposed schools would be located on the northwest corner of the course, essentially where holes 10, 11, & 12 currently sit. The offer is still subject to Municipal Council approval inasmuch as a portion of the current golf course will need to be placed on the surplus property list.

One of the positive outcomes from this proposal will be the construction of three new holes to replace holes 10, 11 & 12, to be built on the former Kuhni property. The new configuration will include an exclusive island hole. The Parks and Recreation Department is in the process of soliciting a professional golf course designer to prepare a plan for these three new holes and any other modifications to keep a championship 18 hole course along with the 7 hole executive course.

As with any big project, there are many details and a lot of moving parts that are still under negotiations and are not final. As such, in November a public process will commence wherein the Municipal Council will take public comment. This will be an opportunity for our elected official to hear from all interested parties relative to the golf course and the medical school. It will be an attempt to balance the needs and desires of the golfing community and the opportunity of improving our local economy and quality of life for all our residents.

Some may be asking, “Why would the city consider such a proposal?” It is a balancing act. A city is a dynamic entity, always changing, always under constant pressure to meet the needs of an ever-growing and diverse population. It is also no secret that Provo, like many communities, is landlocked and we are not growing any more ground. That puts immense pressure on existing land. Whatever happens at the golf course or other public lands, needs to be in the best interest of the entire community. Certainly, the golf course benefits a segment of our population, but so does a medical school and the opportunity it brings.

This can be a win-win for Provo – an enhanced golf course and a medical school. Our golfing community will be able to enjoy an improved layout and design. The medical school and the health education facility bring jobs, capital investment, increased property and sales tax and educational opportunities.

As stated there are still a lot of details that have yet to be decided. Your comments and thoughts will be important in this process. As meeting dates and times are set we will be sure to keep you posted.

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