Emergency Notification Testing + Giveaway!

FYI – On Tuesday, November 7th (Election Day) Provo City will be testing its Emergency Notification System!

It is important to note that we will no longer be testing the emergency sirens on this day since they have been taken down. Our city has outgrown the sirens – bigger trees, car sound systems and overall city noise drown out the sirens. You can read more about the siren removal here.

The best most reliable way to receive emergency notifications is to opt-in to our new method to be informed – Provo’s Emergency Notification System aka Everbridge. Everbridge, a countywide emergency alert system and Provo’s choice for residents to get information. Residents can register on their cell phone, computer, tablet and other connected devices.

This system enables us to provide you with critical information quickly in a variety of situations, such as severe weather, law enforcement activity, missing persons, evacuations of buildings or neighborhoods, etc. 

When we issue a notification about a potential safety hazard or concern, you will receive a message on the voice or text communication methods that you have registered, such as your home, mobile or business phones, email address, text messages and more. You pick where, you pick how.

Go to alerts.utahcounty.gov to subscribe now!

Notification Giveaway

Those who subscribe before November 7th will be able to participate in the test notification AND will be entered to win a prize giveaway! A lucky winner will receive a $20 gift card to Provo Towne Centre, a coveted Provo Bike Shirt, Provo Beanie and other awesome items in their swag bag.

The city conducts this annual test so the public can experience the operation of the system before a real emergency. In the event of a real emergency, you are advised to turn to local emergency broadcast stations, KSL-AM 1160 OR KBYU-FM 89.1 for further information.

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