My Last Day

Photos by Justin Hackworth

While I have been preparing my last message to you, I have been reflecting on my time as the Mayor of Provo. When I look back on all we’ve accomplished together and we’ve done some big things, I feel an immense amount of gratitude and love for the people of this city.

You have allowed me in your homes, you’ve invited me to your weddings, you’ve shown me your socks (and I’ve shown you mine), you’ve given me your passion and compassion and both have made me a better person for it.

We’ve seen downtown Provo grow with new businesses and restaurants. We built ourselves a rec center and filled it with events, activities, and parties that have brought our community closer together. We’ve made things more accessible with improvements in transportation including commercial flights to and from our airport. Provo has been at the top of lists for the best place to start a business, the best place to start a family, and the best place to live.

So how did we become an award-winning city these last eight years? You. You were the reason. Without a city full of salt of the earth, hardworking, honest and talented residents we are nothing.

You trusted our amazing employees and city leaders to help solve problems. You engaged your neighbors on important issues. You offered your solutions in meetings. You brought your children to events and taught them how to engage in civil ways. You took to social media to solve problems and celebrate success. Your contributions have made this city better and better each year.

I am grateful for all the things we were able to accomplish and hope that you are as proud of the work we’ve done as I am. In the end, the greatest success I will feel leaving this office is that more than ever we have folks in Provo who know what we mean when we say to them, “Welcome Home”.

Yesterday I officially resigned as Provo Mayor and was sworn in as US Representative for Utah’s Third Congressional District. This is bittersweet for me. I will miss my work as mayor tremendously. I feel fortunate though, that I will be able to continue on as a public servant with Provo in my constituency. Which means, good or bad, you haven’t completely gotten rid of me yet!

I look forward to working with Mayor Kaufusi and her incredible staff. I have no doubts that they will breath fresh new life into the mayor and city work. In the meantime, David Sewell, current council chairperson will be in the interim mayor. He has expressed his hopes for the next few weeks, “I have three goals during this time.  First is to keep the ship (the city) moving in the same direction at full speed, working with the excellent administrative staff that Mayor Curtis left in place.  There won’t be any sudden course changes during my brief tenure as acting mayor.  My second and most important goal is to help the mayor-elect have a smooth transition into office.  The third goal is to take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn more about how the administrative side of our city government works so that I can be more effective as I continue to serve on the Council.” For more information about the transfer, read here.

I don’t like goodbyes, so for now I’ll just say this—I can’t wait to see you again on the streets of Provo.


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