Merry Christmas Provo: Producer Colin Hatch

Colin Hatch, a Brigham Young University graduate and Provo music scene alum, now lives in Los Angeles and records/produces music under the name Lindenfield. He returned to Provo to produce this year’s “Merry Christmas Provo” album, recording the songs at his grandparents’ historic home in Provo’s Joaquin neighborhood. (The house once belonged to former LDS president John Taylor.)

We hope you enjoy this short video getting to know Colin and his inspiration behind this year’s wonderful Christmas album.

Merry Christmas Provo, Volume 4

Merry Christmas Provo – Vol 4 is a project aimed towards raising money for United Way’s Sub for Santa program. For the past three years, Provo City has partnered with musicians and creatives in our community to produce a Christmas album featuring our world-renown music scene.

Each CD is being sold for $10 and thanks to generous sponsors (Zion’s BankGoogle Fiber, Nu SkinIntermountain Health Care, and Swire Coca-Cola) 100% of the proceeds of this album will go towards helping children, elderly and those with disabilities this holiday season. Press play to listen to a sampler of this year’s music:

The past three albums have gone on to raise thousands of dollars, and we hope this year will be no different. The success of this project proves that the only thing more incredible than the amazing music scene in Provo is the kindness of its citizens.

So how can you help? Visit to download the music today!

For more information about the Christmas CD, the talented musicians, and United Way’s Sub for Santa program visit my blog page here.

Merry Christmas, Provo!

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