Provo #4 Best College City in America

Provo has been ranked #4 Best College City in America! WalletHub compared more than 400 U.S. cities of varying sizes across three key dimensions: 1) Wallet Friendliness, 2) Social Environment and 3) Academic & Economic Opportunities. They evaluated those three key dimensions using 28 key indicators of academic, social and economic opportunities for students. Their data …  Read More

Provo #7 Happiest City!

Provo has been ranked the #7 happiest city in the United States! National Geographic, bestselling author Dan Buettner, and Gallup’s social scientists teamed up to develop an index that assesses measurable expressions of happiness and identifies where Americans are living their best lives. The study established 15 metrics—from eating healthy and learning something new every day to …  Read More

Provo #1 Most Compassionate City

Provo has been ranked #1 in the nation for Most Compassionate City! ranked the 250 largest cities using the following criteria: Percentage of income donated Volunteer rate Percentage of people working in social services, such as special ed teachers, therapists, nurses, etc. Percentage of people working for nonprofit organizations Public charities per capita Animal shelters …  Read More

Provo #2 Best City for Millennials

Provo has been ranked the #2 best city in the US where young people are happy, rents are affordable, and jobs are plentiful. According to a recent study by Apartment List, which evaluated the housing and job markets of popular US metro areas, as well as the satisfaction of residents there, to discover the best places …  Read More

Provo #1 Fastest Growing Economy

The Provo metropolitan economy grew faster than any of the other top 100 metro economies in 2016, according to an analysis of recently released economic data conducted by SpareFoot. Provo’s growth rates are higher than booming tech-centric economies like San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, and Raleigh. When compared to metro economies of a similar size, …  Read More

Provo #3 for Career Opportunities

Financial technology SmartAsset has determined which U.S. cities offer the best career opportunities, and Provo has been ranked #3 in the nation! Here’s what SmartAsset says about us: “Provo is a great place to secure a new job or launch a new career. For one, the total number of jobs in the area jumped 4.4% from 2016-2017. That’s …  Read More

Provo #7 for Most Educated

WalletHub has ranked Provo #7 for Most Educated City in America! To identify America’s intellectual hubs, WalletHub analyzed the 150 largest metropolitan statistical areas in the United States based on nine key metrics. Among them are educational attainment, quality of public school system, and the number of enrolled students in the top 231 universities per capita. Education of …  Read More

Provo #2 Best City for Job Growth

Provo has been ranked the #2 best city in the nation for job growth! NewGeography used five measures of growth to rank all 421 metro areas for which full data sets were available from the past 15 years. 1) recent growth trend: the current and prior year’s employment growth rates, with the current year emphasized (two points); …  Read More

Provo #2 Best Run City

Provo has been ranked #2 Best Run City in America! WalletHub compared the operating efficiency of 150 of the largest U.S. cities to reveal which among them are managed best. They constructed a “Quality of Services” score comprising 33 key performance indicators grouped into six service categories, which then measured against the city’s per-capita budget. Provo was …  Read More

Provo #3 Fastest Growing City!

I don’t know how this ranking slipped past the blog but back in February, Forbes ranked Provo as the #3 fastest growing city in America! Forbes’ annual list of America’s fastest-growing cities is to give a holistic picture of places on the upswing. That means looking not just at job, population or output growth individually, …  Read More

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