Big Blog Milestone

Tonight the blog hit a big milestone: 100,000 total pageviews. Thank you to so many who visit the blog. It has become a part of me and my term as mayor. The blog is a way to share my thoughts, fun aspects of the city, and a peak behind the curtain.  I remember celebrating the …  Read More

Voted Best of Utah County 2011

Over 600,000 readers voted in the Daily Herald’s annual “Best of Utah County” awards. Provo ranked in the top three in many categories, and was voted number one in the following: Best Place to Walk Your Dog–Provo River Trail Best Fishing Spot–Provo River Best Mountain Biking Trail–Bridal Veil Falls Best Kayak Spot–Provo River Best Farmers …  Read More

Happy 80th Birthday Dixon Middle School

  Yesterday we celebrated the 80th birthday of Dixon Middle School.  The highlight for me was meeting Marge and Norma (below).  Marge attended Dixon in 1931.  Norma was close to that time, but I couldn’t get the exact date. Also note worthy were the Paxmans who I’m told met at Dixon.

Freedom Academy Awards Ceremony

Today Cynthia Dayton and I were guests of Freedom Academy.  We were privileged to watch first hand as the entire school was awarded the Healthier US School Challenge Award and as Colton Lee was presented the Prudential Spirit of Community Award.  Both awards signal significant achievement.  I applaud the school and the kids for their …  Read More

2010 Accomplishments–Municipal Council

From left to right, Rick Healey, Cynthia Dayton, Steve Turley, Midge Johnson, Laura Cabanilla, Sterling Beck, and Sherrie Hall Everett The Provo Municipal Council is the legislative branch of the city and is responsible for adopting ordinances and resolutions, adopting the city budget, approving long-term contracts, and setting sewer, water, and power rates. It also …  Read More

2010 Accomplishments–Redevelopment Agency

The Provo City Redevelopment Agency is a separate agency from Provo City, but the municipal council is the governing board, and the mayor is the chief executive officer.  It is charged with revitalizing Provo’s central business district and administering HUD programs.  It also funds the Business Development Corporation, which provides loans and mentoring to new, …  Read More

2010 Accomplishments–Provo Fire & Rescue

Provo Fire & Rescue has provided fire protection and emergency response since 1890, and today is a modern, professional, all-hazards response organization. It provides a variety of services in the areas of fire, paramedic transport, hazardous materials, rescue, fire prevention, and public education.  Here are some of the things that happened in the department last …  Read More

2010 Accomplishments–Police

Provo’s crime rates are among the lowest in the nation, and last year a remarkable 98% of residents surveyed said they considered it a safe place to live.  The Provo Police Department deserves much of the credit for helping us maintain the exceptional quality of life we enjoy.  Here are some of its 2010 accomplishments: Traffic Accident …  Read More

2010 Accomplishments–Library

When the Provo City Library relocated to Academy Square in September 2001, the number of items circulated was a little over a million.  Nine years later, staff has decreased, and circulation has almost doubled.  Here are some of the highlights from last year: Circulation:  Circulated 1,828,158 items throughout the year. Collection:  Processed and cataloged 34,000 …  Read More

2010 Accomplishments–Community Development

The Community Development Department consists of three divisions–Planning, Building, and Zoning.  Here are some of its accomplishments from last year: Downtown Zoning Ordinances:  After more than two years of drafting and refinement, proposed major revisions to the central business district zoning ordinances, paving the way for enhanced development in the downtown area and respecting the …  Read More

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