2010 Accomplishments–Provo Fire & Rescue

Provo Fire & Rescue has provided fire protection and emergency response since 1890, and today is a modern, professional, all-hazards response organization. It provides a variety of services in the areas of fire, paramedic transport, hazardous materials, rescue, fire prevention, and public education.  Here are some of the things that happened in the department last …  Read More

2010 Accomplishments–Police

Provo’s crime rates are among the lowest in the nation, and last year a remarkable 98% of residents surveyed said they considered it a safe place to live.  The Provo Police Department deserves much of the credit for helping us maintain the exceptional quality of life we enjoy.  Here are some of its 2010 accomplishments: Traffic Accident …  Read More

2010 Accomplishments–Redevelopment Agency

The Provo City Redevelopment Agency is a separate agency from Provo City, but the municipal council is the governing board, and the mayor is the chief executive officer.  It is charged with revitalizing Provo’s central business district and administering HUD programs.  It also funds the Business Development Corporation, which provides loans and mentoring to new, …  Read More

2010 Accomplishments–Library

When the Provo City Library relocated to Academy Square in September 2001, the number of items circulated was a little over a million.  Nine years later, staff has decreased, and circulation has almost doubled.  Here are some of the highlights from last year: Circulation:  Circulated 1,828,158 items throughout the year. Collection:  Processed and cataloged 34,000 …  Read More

2010 Accomplishments–Community Development

The Community Development Department consists of three divisions–Planning, Building, and Zoning.  Here are some of its accomplishments from last year: Downtown Zoning Ordinances:  After more than two years of drafting and refinement, proposed major revisions to the central business district zoning ordinances, paving the way for enhanced development in the downtown area and respecting the …  Read More

2010 Accomplishments–Finance

The Finance Division in the Administrative Services Department is responsible for preparing the annual city budget and monitoring all revenues and expenditures, among a variety of other things.  It played a key role in many of the other department’s accomplishments.  Here are some of the other goals it achieved last year: 2010-2011 Budget Cuts:  Working …  Read More

2010 Accomplishments–Human Resources

This video says it all about the Human  Resources Division in the Administrative Services Department.  Here are some of its stats from last year: Posted 127 jobs. Processed approximately 9,800 applications. Conducted specialized testing for 165 police officer applicants. Earned a $21,158 dividend from the Workers Compensation Fund for its excellent 0.84 experience modification rating …  Read More

2010 Accomplishments–Parks and Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Department runs circles around the rest of us, constantly finding fun, creative ways to improve its programs and facilities.  Its list of accomplishments is longer than my golf drive, so I’ll just mention a few: Park Projects:  Completed the grading, hard scape, and irrigation system for Lakeview Park in west Provo; …  Read More

2010 Accomplishments–Public Services

The Public Services Division of the Public Works Department includes the Provo Municipal Airport, Fleet Management, Sanitation, and Streets Maintenance.  Here are some of the important accomplishments in these areas last year: RADAR:  Installation of a Beacon Interrogator 6 system is underway at the airport. Air Service Grant:  A $500,000 federal grant will help the …  Read More

2010 Accomplishments–Storm Water

The Storm Water Division of the Public Works Department keeps the public street system from being encumbered with flood water during rainstorms and spring snow melt.  Here are some of its accomplishments from last year: West Side Storm Drain Project:  Over 9000 feet of 18-48 inch pipe jointly funded by the city and UDOT will …  Read More

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