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2017 General Election Results

The following election results have been reported on Provo’s Election Map. There are still ballots that need to be counted and the results won’t be final until the election is canvassed. Utah County will post election results again at 3:00 pm on Thursday, then on November 14th, November 17th and then finally November 21st. The images …  Read More

Today’s the Day!

If you weren’t able to mail in your ballot yesterday, you can visit the Voter Service Center located at the Provo Recreation Center from 7:00 am – 8:00 pm today. A drop box will be available for anyone wishing to hand deliver their completed mail-in ballot in the signed and sealed envelope. If you don’t have …  Read More

Today is the LAST day!

Today is the LAST day to mail in your ballots! Make sure you get yours postmarked by today. The post office is requesting you take it to the counter to ensure it is postmarked by November 6th to be counted in the election tomorrow. A secure drop box is also available today and tomorrow at the Provo …  Read More

Emergency Notification Testing + Giveaway!

FYI – On Tuesday, November 7th (Election Day) Provo City will be testing its Emergency Notification System! It is important to note that we will no longer be testing the emergency sirens on this day since they have been taken down. Our city has outgrown the sirens – bigger trees, car sound systems and overall …  Read More

Redevelopment Survey + Giveaway!

Did you know Provo City receives federal dollars to help fund these projects? Provo City participates in the Federal Community Development Block Grant program. The CDBG-funded activities often include, but are not limited to: acquisition of real property, relocation and demolition, rehabilitation of residential and nonresidential structures, construction of public facilities and improvements (such as …  Read More

Golf Course Annoucement

A month ago we asked you to stay tuned for more information about the East Bay Golf course. Well here it is – the least kept secret in town – Provo City has received an offer from a local group to build a medical school and health education facility at the golf course. The proposed …  Read More

Bicycle Friendly Business

I’m pleased to announce that the League of American Bicyclists has awarded Provo City Government as a Bicycle Friendly Business at the Bronze level. This is an exciting recognition especially since this award is only presented to businesses with strong commitments to bicycling. You’ll find plenty of places to park your bike at our city …  Read More

Programs to Improve Your Home & Business

The Provo City Redevelopment Agency (“RDA”) is a separate agency from Provo City, with the municipal council acting as the governing board, and the mayor as the chief executive officer. It is charged with revitalizing Provo’s central business district, administering Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) programs and other initiatives to help you make improvements to …  Read More

Ballots Mailed Out Today!

Today’s the day! All registered voters will have their ballots mailed out today, October 17th. In the next couple of days you should see your ballots in the mail – so keep your eyes out. Voters then can make their choices and mail them back. No standing in line. No waiting. No pressure. Ballots must be …  Read More

My Usage Tracking

In this day and age, electricity is a commodity (or habit) that gets taken for granted time and time again and in Provo, understanding what you use and when you use it has been a mystery – until now. Introducing a new and improved online portal where our customers now have the ability to track …  Read More

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