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Pack it in Pack it out

We want to keep our parks maintained and in the best possible condition, especially during this time of year. So it’s important for patrons to follow the pavilion rules and make sure that anything they pack in is packed out. We’ve noticed pavilions are in disarray after use and large amounts of garbage is being left behind. The benefits to …  Read More

Utah Lake Phragmites Treatment

It’s that time of year again! The Utah Lake Commission, partnered with the Utah County Invasive Weed Group is continuing the project of eradicating the phragmites invasion at Utah Lake. The spraying for the year has been finished! (First, they go in and spray a type of weed killer on the phragmites and then once they have given …  Read More

Golf Course Update

Almost ten years ago – in November 2007 – city officials and the Boyer Company announced plans for a new retail power center – the Southgate Center – on property in the northwest corner of the East Bay Golf Course. Less than a year later, as the center was well into the planning stages, the …  Read More

New Chief of Police – Rich Ferguson

It’s official! After months of looking and interviewing several very qualified candidates to fill the City’s role of Police Chief, I’m pleased to share with you that I’ve selected Rich Ferguson. Chief Ferguson has been with Provo Police for over 26 years and has served as Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and Interim Chief since March. In …  Read More

Fall Cleanup 2017

Ready to clear the garage of unwanted and never–used items? Need to dispose of the cut grass and tree trimmings that weigh down the black garbage cans? Take advantage of Provo’s annual Fall Cleanup! Separate yard waste and metals and dispose of the material in dumpsters at six locations throughout the city from September 25 – …  Read More

Free Shirts for Emergency Alerts

Want a free shirt? All you have to do is sign up for Provo’s Emergency Alerts! Our mass notification system enables us to provide you with critical information quickly in a variety of situations, such as: severe weather, law enforcement activity, missing persons, and evacuations of buildings or neighborhoods. Here’s what you have to do: First – …  Read More

Don’t Play with Range Balls

Have you ever been tempted to play on the course with range balls? Do you think it would be cool? Watch this short PSA explaining why it’s not so cool after all.

Glass Recycling Drop-off

Provo’s drop-off location for Glass Recycling is located at the southwest corner of the Covey Center Parking lot. Residents can take their glass bottles to the recycling receptacle at 500 West and 100 South. The receptacle is divided into clear glass, brown glass and green glass. The glass should be rinsed and have its contents removed. This …  Read More

Welcome Back Students!

I would like to extend a warm welcome (back) to our student neighbors! Provo is lucky to have such a young population—it infuses the city with vibrancy and fresh ideas. Some of our most successful businesses, startups and creative endeavors have come from students who’ve decided to make Provo their home. Whether you are here …  Read More

Power Now

Have you ever been in the middle of a power outage and you still flip the light switch? Or open the refrigerator and wonder why it’s dark? Provo Power prides itself on being one of the most reliable power providers in the state and in the nation, but in the power industry, outages are very …  Read More

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