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Catch the Spring Breeze

Everybody wants clean air and together we are all going to do our part. Let’s all turn off our thermostats and open our windows to cool our houses AND catch a breeze this spring! When the heat kicks in we can adjust our thermostats to be energy efficient and save money and our air! Who …  Read More

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day

On Saturday, April 8 residents of Utah County can dispose of old or unused household chemicals from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm at the Provo Towne Centre Mall west parking lot. Agencies across the county will come together to take your old or unused household chemicals and properly dispose of them so they don’t pollute our …  Read More

Provo’s Spring Cleaning Guide

As we head toward sunny days and warmer weather, I invite all of us to look around and see what we can do to change things for the better. We can clear the clutter, both inside and out. We can improve the look of our yards, our neighborhoods. We can take advantage of opportunities to …  Read More

Lessons Learned

The last 5 weeks have been full of lessons affirmed and learned for me. It should surprise no one that it has been a difficult time and I’m still not sure I’m 100% at peace with all if it. I was taught by a pro, early in my first term to “tell it all, tell …  Read More

Meet the Interim Police Chief

Today I sent out an email message to members of the Provo Police Department announcing that Captain Rich Ferguson will fill the role as Interim Chief effective today, Monday, March 20, 2017. Provo deserves an Interim Chief who has the leadership, service history, skills and respect of the department and our community. Appointing Captain Ferguson enables our …  Read More

Provo PD Update

I know many of you have had questions these past few days regarding the situation with former Police Chief John King. I wanted to share with you this morning’s press conference, which took place in Provo City’s Council Chambers. This video will likely give you some answers to your questions.

Spring Runoff Update

Snow fall in December and January was nearly twice the normal amounts. Snow fall in February did not continue at that pace, but was still at, or above normal amounts. Current snow pack depths (water equivalent) at key gauging stations at higher elevations in the mountains east of Provo are now at 33 – 37”, …  Read More

It’s International Women’s Day!

It’s International Women’s Day! Let’s celebrate the amazing contributions women make to our world and our future! We’ve got an amazing schedule of events today. There are still a few events left with openings. Check out the schedule at The city center is hosting a Lecture Series in our Council Chamber today with some …  Read More

In an attempt to help residents become more informed about this year’s municipal elections, I’ve launched a website full of details and information. It’s got everything you need to know about how you can register to vote, what municipal seats are open, when and how you can file for candidacy, where to find your precinct, and how you …  Read More

Utah Lake Updates

Update – The dredging project at Utah Lake State Park has been postponed till after Labor Day 2017. The park is currently opened and will remain open throughout the 2017 season. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the Utah Lake State Park at (801) 375-0731. If you enjoy getting updates about Utah Lake …  Read More

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