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Fall in Love with Provo Canyon

Brock Cutler did it again! Press play to check out his newest video featuring Bridal Veil Falls. Get ready for an up-close look along the Provo River Trail in Provo Canyon. Fall in Utah produces some absolutely stunning scenery. If you haven’t already, go for a drive and soak in the beautiful scenery. It’s solace for the …  Read More

Wear and Tear or Just Getting Older?

More wrinkles, a lot less hair and 8 years older and wiser. As my time in office draws to an end I’m naturally thinking about how I’ve changed over the last 8 years. I still love coming to work, I still enjoy the same exercise routine and I still have the same wife. What’s different? …  Read More

Summer in Provo Canyon

Press play to enjoy the beauty of Provo Canyon. Thanks Channel 17 for this shooting this video.

Golden Eagle spotted in Provo

This Golden Eagle was spotted by Chris Padilla right off of Lakeview Parkway, West of I-15 near Osprey Point. Thanks for sharing these awesome photos Chris! If you would like to see more of his wildlife and nature photos from his travels and stomping grounds (mainly in and around Provo Utah) check out his Instagram account, @wildlifeshotsbychris.

Water Blooper

I was working on a presentation last week and came across this video that was never released. It was produced a few years ago to help residents understand the need for an increase in water rates but it was scraped because some felt like it made light of a serious topic. As I watched again this week …  Read More

A “Provo Mayor” Music Video

Each year I get to participate in career days at some of our local schools. I love it but I always struggle with the best way to explain the role of the mayor. This year, the creative team decided I should do a music video. Great idea except I CAN’T SING! Not even a note. My …  Read More

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Provo, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. The 10 things I love about Provo. I love the people. I’m convinced we have the best residents in the world. I love the mountains, river and lake. I love the way I feel when I return to Provo from a short few hours …  Read More

Picture of Provo featured on Bing!

An amazing shot of Provo and Utah Lake is featured on Bing’s homepage today! Visit bing.com to check it out and watch the sunrise greet the shoreline.

Provo Historic Tours!

Take a step back in time and experience the history of Downtown Provo! Provo City has released a free interactive mobile app “Provo Historic Tours”. This tour app will guide you through Historic Downtown Provo while providing a detailed view into the evolution of 20 historic sites. The app features historic photographs of each tour site that …  Read More

2016 Reader Favorites

I thought it would be fun to end the year with a little round up of  YOUR favorite posts. I looked up the most popular posts based on page views and the results were interesting. Maybe you’ll see one of your favorites? Here are the readers’ (yes you!) top 10 favorite, most read posts from 2016. Enjoy. …  Read More

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