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Should I Call 311?

311 is Provo City’s dedicated service helpline for all non-emergency services. Just dial 311 from within the Provo Metro area and one of our friendly Customer Service Agents will be happy to assist you. In addition to telephone assistance you can visit their website http://311.provo.org to report a concern 24 hours a day. Customer Service recently updated their …  Read More

Sock It To You – Final Results

The results are in from last week’s poll and the winner is… Bright Green Socks! I have counted up the votes from all of the polls to see who the true sock battle winner is. Some of the polls were really close… but the overall totals came out to: Corey Norman with 103 votes John Curtis with 153 …  Read More

Sock It To You – Week 4

Last week’s sock battle has been the closest one yet. Out of 67 votes, the gray socks with yellow polka dots received 35 votes, winning by 3 votes! To end this Sock Battle, I have one last poll. Vote for which sock you like better and I will post the final results next week. VS

Sock it to You – Week 3

Last week’s Sock Battle was a close one! Out of 71 votes, the winning sock received 39 of the votes – 54.93% The winning socks are…   Green & Black Checkers Now for this week’s Sock Battle: VS    

Sock it to You – Week 2

Thank you for everyone who voted on last week’s Sock Battle. The results are in and the winning socks are… Brown & Green Stripes Out of 84 voters, the brown and green stripe socks received 58 votes.   And the sock battle continues… vs

Sock It To You

There has been a sock battle in the office and it all started by this picture that I posted on Twitter: http://j.mp/SockBattle. Every Friday for the next few weeks, there will be a poll on the blog. Please help solve this dispute by voting on which sock you like better. For this week’s Sock Battle: Vs.

I saved the City $48 today.

I saved the City $48 today. When we were planing my current trip to Washington DC we worked as hard as we could to travel inexpensively. Gina found a flight that saved almost $500 but required me to travel to a nearby airport about an hour distance from my hotel. We spent no small amount …  Read More

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