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Aerial Tour of Downtown Provo

Shout-out to Jon Andrus for sharing this video with me! Press play to watch an aerial tour of Downtown Provo, shot with a DJI Phantom 3. Jon was able to capture some incredible views of Provo’s historical buildings, roads, landmarks, architecture, and beautiful scenery. Thanks Jon for this great video.

Political Kool-Aid

I’ll miss many things about being mayor but some of the moments I will miss the most are those quiet mornings when I’m the first to arrive. I love it as the dawn is just beginning to break and I can sit with the lights off and make out the faint images of my office. On those …  Read More

Happy Ice Cream Cone Day!

In the spirit of National Ice Cream Cone Day, I thought I’d share with you a video I made touring some of our amazing ice cream parlours in Downtown Provo. This video couldn’t have been possible without the talented Jack Mergist, our creative Channel 17 team, and Provo’s one and only Finnish Kickbike dealer, Tiina Watts. I was lucky enough to …  Read More


Hiking would absolutely make it onto my top 10 list of reasons I love this area. Last year I featured 5 hikes outlined by Ellis Atwood on my blog. They’re worth another mention this summer. Check out the following hikes below and I hope to see you on the trail! Take a Hike 1 of 5: Squaw …  Read More

What Say Ye?

I had an awesome opportunity to participate in the What Say Ye Podcast hosted by Derrick Clements and Court Mann. I was able to talk about the fabulous momentum Provo is experiencing, the revitalization of our downtown district, and the many things that make Provo such a great place to live. Press play to listen to the podcast below and …  Read More

Happy Cinco De Mayo Provo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo Provo! Celebrate by riding your bike around town & sample tacos from some of Provo’s best Mexican cuisines! What’s your favorite Mexican restaurant in Provo?  

Stormtroopers in Provo

Happy Star Wars Day! Press play to watch Stormtroopers longboard through Provo! 👍 This awesome new video is by Scott David Winn. He was able to capture some incredible views of Provo’s landmarks, architecture and beautiful scenery. I spy Nu Skin, Canyon Bicycles, Shops at Riverwoods, Provo River Trail, and Wells Fargo. If you like epic, musical, comedic content, then …  Read More

Guest Post: Provo Arts Roundtable

Last month I attended an event that surprised me. Liz and Andrew Maxfield invited a number of local artists and art patrons to their home for what they described as a Provo Arts Roundtable. I wasn’t surprised at either the sheer number of artists present or the variety of arts represented — from painters to musicians …  Read More

Provo Birthday Recap

It’s been a few of weeks since Provo’s birthday celebration and I’m already reminiscing over the highlights. In all, I attended over 30 birthday parties! I was able to celebrate with students, businesses, employees, residents and so many amazing people who were kind, generous and love our City. You all inspire me and I admire your energy and passion. More …  Read More

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day holds some special memories for me. My first date with Sue was on March 17th, 1977. Four years later on March 17th, 1981 I proposed to her (and she accepted) and March 17th, 1992 our fourth child, Sarah Jane was born. Happy birthday Sarah! Sue usually celebrates by coloring our milk green …  Read More

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