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Provo Leap Day Challenge

A couple of weeks ago I announced on my blog that I planned to spend Leap Day doing a few things in Provo that I’ve never done before. It ended up being a fun challenge and a great way to take advantage of an extra day. I hope everyone enjoyed their Leap Day. I had a …  Read More

Don’t Tolerate Bad Pizza

– Brick Oven Restaurant is celebrating their 60th Anniversary! To celebrate they recently released a fun commercial, through social media, touting the quality and history of the restaurant. So to all you pizza-loving patrons, press play and enjoy! *Also, students NOW receive 50% off any size pizza with a College Loyalty card! That means you can …  Read More

The Sound of Provo

A few months ago I was able to participate in a documentary series called, The Sound of Provo. The series follows a variety of talented musicians in the Provo music scene and includes interviews and performance footage from The Blue Aces, Isaac Russell, Jenn Blosil, Night Wings, Deadtooth, Velour Manager Kaneischa, Drew Danburry, and The Medusa Collective. …  Read More

What’s Your Secret?

When the Ashley Madison scandal broke several months ago I had a good laugh with my staff telling them of all the things they needed to worry about with me – this is not one of them. But we all have secrets right? Those things, big or small we hope other people don’t find out about …  Read More

My Reflections on 2015

2015 was another amazing year. Provo’s had so many good things come our way I’ve learned that sometimes I just need to buckle up and hold on. At the heart of our successes are hundreds of dedicated-talented employees and amazing residents. Someone asked me for our top 5 accomplishments and it didn’t take me long to …  Read More

2015 Reader Favorites

I thought it would be fun to end the year with a little round up of  YOUR favorite posts. I looked up the most popular posts based on page views and the results were interesting. Maybe you’ll see one of your favorites? Here are the readers’ (yes you!) top 10 favorite, most read posts from 2015. Enjoy. …  Read More

BYU vs Utah

Let’s be honest. Are you worried, even a little, about the BYU Vs Utah Las Vegas Bowl? I’m not going to lie, this is causing me some stress. I’ve been mayor for four BYU/Utah football matches and none of them have gone well. The worst was the 2011 whipping of 54-10. I had invited a …  Read More

My New Blog and a Little Tour of the Place

I woke up this morning to an early Christmas present. A new blog design. Do you like it? Hint: This is like when your spouse asks you if you like their new shoes. The answer is always yes. The blog has come a long ways in 6 years. The first design was done by me …  Read More


Provo’s own Art Grrrl is back this season reminding us that ice and snow greatly impede our walkable community if they aren’t managed properly. Shoveling our sidewalks and driveways increases our ability to continue to walk during the winter months. In return, we reduce cars on the road and emissions in the air.  I recommend …  Read More

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