Restore Provo’s Easter Cross

Provo resident, Niki Thornock is hoping Provo’s Easter cross — which served as symbol that brought different sects of Christianity together in the 1940s and was torn down and left in shambles during the 1970s — will be repaired and given a new location for people now to witness a portion of the town’s history. In …  Read More

City of Starts: Kalani Sitake

Former BYU fullback, Kalani Sitake, started his football career and his family here in Provo. Now he’s back as the head coach for the BYU Cougars! Check out the video above to learn more about Kalani’s story. This video is part of a new series of TV commercials now airing on BYUtv. Go to for more stories …  Read More

Thanks for making Provo better!

Another great story for the Mayor’s Brag Book: I called the 311 line today and worked with Analee. I just want to send an email about how awesome she was to work with. She solved all my problems and went the extra mile to help me with my questions. I don’t think I have ever had someone …  Read More

Provo Facebook Groups & Pages

There’s a wide variety of community groups and pages on Facebook dealing with Provo issues, news, and events. These pages are a great way to connect with your neighbors, stay up to date on the latest announcements, voice your opinion on a city issue, find out about an upcoming event, and share fun things about Provo. I …  Read More

Provo High Annoucement

At a distance, we’ve watched all the work the school district has put in to sell the Provo High property and can appreciate how hard the school board members and superintendent have worked. So, it’s official. The Daily Herald is reporting that the Provo School District Board of Education has announced the sale of Provo …  Read More

10 Things You Need To Know About Provo’s Budget

This time each year we get the great opportunity to finalize a budget and send it over to the Municipal Council. And while this is the time we present it, our dedicated staff of professionals started working on this year’s proposal the moment last year’s was submitted. They spend countless hours crunching and making sure Provo …  Read More

City of Starts: Susan Petersen

Susan Petersen started Freshly Picked as a small business at her kitchen table. Now she has expanded to an office with over 15 employees and her baby moccasins are gaining national attention. Check out the video above to learn more about Susan’s story. This video is part of a new series of TV commercials now airing on BYUtv. …  Read More

City of Starts: Corey Fox

Bands like Imagine Dragons and Neon Trees have put Provo on the map, but Provo has always been a city with a great music scene. Corey Fox showcases bands at his music venue, Velour, which has been the starting point for many musicians over the years. Check out the video above to learn more about Corey Fox’s story. …  Read More

Provo Fire to the Rescue

Feb 25th, 2:22pm I just wanted to share with you guys. I am not sure if he is a fire fighter in Provo but my son was given this Provo fire badge today. We were checking out at the grocery store and my son Grayson was insistent on buying a fire truck. I told him …  Read More

Provo is Ripe with Artistic Talent

The sound of Imagine Dragons on the stage at Velour will always stay with me. Not just the sound of them, but the lights, and the feeling you get when music and talent take over your thoughts and make you happy you’re alive. This, of course, was when Imagine Dragons had already captured the world’s …  Read More

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