How can I intern at Provo City?

A question I get asked often is, “How can I intern at Provo City?” This is a great question and I have a few different answers! The city actually has quite a few internship programs and positions available throughout the year for students and graduates. Depending on the department, time of year, and whether you are looking …  Read More

How to Report Graffiti

Help us keep Provo City beautiful by keeping an eye out for graffiti. When you see graffiti, contact our Customer Service department by dialing 3-1-1. You can also report graffiti online using Provo’s Self Service Portal found on provo.org. So what happens to the graffiti after that? Here’s a summary from our police department’s Community Oriented …  Read More

Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

When I took office six years ago, I remember feeling and saying that I had the best job in the world and that I felt incredible blessed to be able to serve as the Mayor of Provo. I still have “pinch me” moments when it all seems like an incredible dream. I’ve loved it all. …  Read More

Recycling Q&A

Blue Recycling Can When will my recycling can be emptied?  To convert to weekly recycling, we will start with all drivers doing their black can routes, then returning to the same route to do the blue recycling cans. Later, after everyone gets used to putting their cans out every week and the loads even out, …  Read More

Why Does the Flag at the Golf Course Look Worn Out?

Keeping our flag in good shape at the golf course is a constant challenge. The flag is 60 feet long by 30 feet wide. Given the winds and environment at the golf course, a flag only lasts about 6 weeks before it needs to be repaired or replaced. Repairs are usually about $300 and a new …  Read More

Why Pay for what God is giving away free?

Merrill Bingham, the City’s previous Public Works Director, was known for sharing bits of wisdom. One day while it was raining, he humored us by saying, “Why pay for what God is giving away free?” We try to live by that advice here in the City by not not watering or being wasteful with water …  Read More

Why Do We Still Hear Train Horns?

I thought we were a quiet train zone. Why do we still hear horns? The Quiet Zone that is in place was funded and constructed by UTA as part of the Frontrunner South Project.  It includes all the UTA crossings in Provo west of University Avenue. It also includes the Union Pacific tracks where those …  Read More

How can I conserve energy?

Provo Power is pleased to offer the Switch It Provo Energy Conservation Program, available to residential customers. The Switch It Provo program is designed to offer rebates for those who purchase qualified appliances or dispose of old appliances, and will also offer home energy audits to evaluate and/or suggest energy improvement projects and energy efficient …  Read More

How to get rid of stuff?

The simple truth of trash talk is that we Americans generate a lot of garbage. We represent only five percent of the world’s population yet we generate 30 percent of the total amount of the world’s garbage. So what can we do with all of the trash we produce? I’ve put together a helpful list that …  Read More

Fun things to do in Provo

Are you on the look out for fun things to do in Provo? Or do you want to follow Provo’s music scene or local artists? There are so many events, restaurants, artists, photographers, and bands in Provo that it can sometimes be tricky to stay in touch with everything. There are a few sites and Facebook groups that …  Read More

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