How to be Featured on My Blog

I get quite a few requests each week from local events or businesses asking to be featured on the community section of my blog. I love that the Provo Mayor Blog can be a place to highlight one of Provo’s independent restaurants, give a shout-out to an exceptional Provo resident, or create some buzz for an upcoming event. …  Read More

How do I get an Exemption to the Noise Ordinance?

I have had more than one call from an angry resident late at night because someone is making too much noise (not my favorite call). The city has a well established noise policy found in chapter 9.06 of our code book. The amount of noise that is acceptable is determined by the decibels produced. The …  Read More

What benefits are available to Veterans?

Below is a list of programs that Provo City offers to benefit military service men and women and veterans: Power and Customer Service Provo City Power offers an active duty military deployment discount. Upon verification of an account holder’s active duty and deployment status, Provo Power has agreed to offer 50% off the electric cost, …  Read More

How Do I get Involved?

One of the hardest questions I get asked is, “How do I get involved?”  I’m not sure why it’s so hard except perhaps that it’s like trying to tell someone what their hobby should be.  Some find certain aspects of the city extremely interesting and some find them totally boring.  For instance, I enjoy council …  Read More

Why Do We Send a Fire Truck With Each Ambulance Call? Again

In my office we love to follow and analyze blog stats. Each posts is analyzed to see how many people found it of interest. Several years ago I did a post titled “Why Do We Send a Fire Truck With Each Ambulance Call?” It had a decent amount of views but what we find surprising is …  Read More

How to Save Money by Recycling

Provo has a fantastic every-other-week curbside recycling program for those who want to have the convenience of simply dropping recyclables into a blue can and rolling it out to the curb. What could be more simple while doing your part to make a difference in keeping a friendly environment for your families? Not to mention, …  Read More

Where Can I Fish in Provo?

I would like to thank Don Allphin for today’s guest post. While visitors and new residents check out the great outdoor opportunities that await them in or very near Provo in the winter months, let’s not forget one of the most historic professions-turned-pastimes our city has to offer.  Fishing for personal use, for sport, and …  Read More

14 Questions You Might Be Asking About Provo’s Bus Rapid Transit

I strive to avoid long blog posts but this issue needs a little more information than your run-of-the-mill post. The future of Provo’s transportation will be discussed tomorrow night. The way we operate moving forward in the context of transportation — getting around town, parking, future congestion, air quality — could receive a huge endorsement or could …  Read More

Why Isn’t My Street Plowed?

Snow plowing on arterial and collector roads always takes a first priority  For obvious reasons the high capacity roads must come before smaller neighborhood roads. During our large and long storm following Christmas, crews spent almost all their time cleaning high capacity roads. Almost as quick as they could plow them, they were once again covered with snow. …  Read More

How Do I Dispose of Large Items?

If it can be recycled, large bulky items like cardboard boxes can be broken down to fit into a curbside household recycling (blue) can. If you are not enrolled in the curbside recycling program, you can take the items to one of these drop-off recycling sites in Provo: SUVSWD compost station, 1625 S. Industrial Parkway …  Read More

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