Quote from a Provo resident: “I’m glad about the new roadways; but, who is the person responsible for scheduling construction on EVERY MAJOR N-S road (I-15, Geneva Rd, State Street & University Ave) in the county (in Provo and Orem) at the exact same time?????? And WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???” It may be true that …  Read More

How is it that a 50 Year Old Guy Has a Blog?

I know what most of you are thinking, “John Curtis doesn’t fit the demographic for bloggers.” Perhaps you’re right but I’ve found it to be a fabulous tool for connecting with the residents of Provo.   My first blog was inspired by my daughter who has a blogged for many years. I found that it was …  Read More

When Can I Set up for the Parade?

America’s Freedom Festival at Provo’s Grand Parade is scheduled for Monday at 9 a.m. Here’s a summary of the ordinance regarding camping out along the parade route: reservation of space within the public right of way along University Avenue may begin at 3 p.m. the day before the parade, and within the public right of …  Read More

Compost for Sale

Last week someone emailed me with the following comment: “I can’t believe how many of my neighbors still don’t know one can purchase good compost/mulch down there! I don’t know what more can be done to promote that resource, but it’s a shame that a world-class compost yard doesn’t get more business in an area …  Read More

I Need a Big Favor

I’m trying to come up with some appropriate changes for the upcoming year on my blog. I know you all lead very busy lives but it would be very helpful  if you could complete this little survey for me. It’s only 10 questions.

Why Doesn’t Provo Have A High School Boys Baseball League?

It has been many years since Provo has had enough participants to form any teams for a high school boys baseball league. The last year that Provo had enough participants was for only one team in 2004.  From 1999 to 2004, Provo ranged from 1-3 teams, which we signed up here, but combined with Spanish Fork’s league. From 2005 until 2009, Provo …  Read More

Why Do We Send a Fire Truck with Each Ambulance Call?

I’m often asked why we send a fire truck on every medical call.  Does it really require an ambulance and a fire truck for many of the minor injuries? It seems a waste to drive a very fuel-inefficient fire engine to something where the additional personnel are not needed.   While there are some calls for …  Read More

How Did The Provo Farmers Market Get Started?

It all started with Tom Parker who served as the Chair in the Franklin Neighborhood. Tom wanted to do something for his neighbors and help them have entrepreneurial opportunities to make some money. He also heard how hard it was for the Franklin Elementary School to obtain money for their students. So Tom got to …  Read More

Why Doesn’t the City Have an Email List?

We do! And we’d love for you to sign up. About twice a month Provo City sends an email to all those on the list. The email includes notices of meetings and events, and other timely information. And it’s free, of course.

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