In an Emergency, Keep Cool

Meet Chris Blinzinger, our new Emergency Management Coordinator.  Chris will make sure that we have the right processes in place to handle large-scale emergencies such as earthquakes and floods. For the last two years, he has worked for Intermountain Healthcare in the Level II Trauma Center in Provo, where he was given the nick-name “Cool …  Read More

Provo’s Most Wanted

WANTED: For expired registration and a lot of other little things. Careful!  This man is funny and his wife has a blog. Oh, and he’s very nice (how often do you hear “I’d like to thank my arresting officer . . .”)

Moon Lighting

  At 5:05 AM on Wednesday August 25th, 2010, a semi truck was driving north on South State Street approaching 300 South at 700 East to make a left hand turn. In the process of making the left turn, the vehicle left the roadway and struck a pole used to support a power pole.The semi …  Read More

Caid Turley

I’ve seen Caid Turley (Son of Steve and Kylie Turley) a number of times but I remember him best for his ability to speak Mandarin Chinese.  When our Chinese delegation came to Provo, Caid impressed them and us with his Chinese skills. Several days ago Caid took a tumble and landed on his head which …  Read More

A Potential Life Saved!

My name is Taylor Sorensen, and I am fourteen years old.  On July 18th, 2010, two days before my birthday, I was faced with what I felt was a disaster! Luckily, Search and Rescue was able to help me out.    My family and I went for a hike up Rock Canyon and then onto …  Read More

When is Routine Really Routine in the Line of Duty?

Two summers ago a 16-year veteran police officer in Lehi, Utah was shot by a female motorist during a traffic stop. The woman who fired the weapon was a Washington State resident who was being pulled over for possibly driving under the influence. This past winter an officer with the Millard County Sheriff’s Office was …  Read More

One Awesome Police Story

Congratulations to Officer Roy Edwards  Officer Edwards responded on the report of a vehicle burglary at our hospital. The victim had parked her car in the underground parking.  When she returned to her car she noticed that a prescription, driver’s license, social security card and numerous credit cards had been taken from her vehicle. Officer …  Read More

Lagging Left Traffic Signals in Provo

Question: I’ve noticed that there is no standard sequence (left turn, red, yellow, green) among the traffic lights in Provo.  Just note the 3 lights at 3700 N Univ., 3300 N University and 2230 N University.  With the imminent return of students and their families from all over the nation and our aging population this …  Read More

Provo Amber Alert Update

The Provo Police Department was contacted regarding a missing, possibly abducted child. The complainants were the Grandparents They have custody of the child.  Details Below: The grandparents advised that they had left the child with the child’s mother, their daughter. The grandparents were leaving town for a couple of days. The mother was to remain …  Read More

Provo Police in the News

Provo City recently terminated a police officer after an internal investigation into allegations regarding his conduct while responding to a traffic accident on July 22.  The Utah County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a criminal investigation into the same allegations.  We don’t know exactly what happened on July 22; that is for the sheriff’s office to …  Read More

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