Farewell LaVell Edwards

The news of LaVell Edwards passing caused me to feel a deep emotional sadness as well as bring a smile to my face. The smiles come from a strong sense of goodness and pleasant memories evoked by thoughts of his life. The sadness comes because I regret having such an amazing human being leave us. …  Read More

Solar Discussion

Tuesday night the municipal council voted to take another look at the solar fee issue. I’m not sure if I remember an issue that has had so much agreement about the goals and so much disagreement about how to reach them. At the risk of confusing all of us even more, I’ll try to explain the …  Read More


I’ve spent many hours contemplating my response since the council’s decision to add a charge to solar users. It’s not often I use the veto power but the future of solar in Provo is an important issue and deserves discussion. For many reasons I feel our residents and members of the community should further the …  Read More


OPEN LETTER TO PROVO AND UTAH RESIDENTS Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Did your mother teach you this also? Did you grow up believing in this motto like it was an all-powerful shield against bullies and trolls? All my life I walked around with at least some sense …  Read More

Bicentennial Tree

It’s hard sometimes to say goodbye to things we’ve loved. This week, we bid farewell to an icon that has lived its useful life and became sick and dangerous. The large cottonwood tree in the middle of Bicentennial Park near the pond has been showing serious signs of decay and age for quite some time. We …  Read More

Provo is having a “ruff” time

Apparently the fun doesn’t stop. I leave for a few days and someone is already trying to have me replaced. The office was visited today by one of our next potential mayoral candidates, Lola. She’s talked about running on a platform of canine equality and a bone in every cupboard. As you can imagine, Lola …  Read More

Even Bigger News For FrontRunner

I’ve often said the ones who keep asking, working and showing tenacity are the ones who eventually reach their goal. Well, today is one of those days that proves my point. I’m excited to announce that Provo has been awarded $2 million dollars to build a bridge increasing access and safety to our FrontRunner station. …  Read More

Oh Deer!

For the last few years, our Provo Municipal Council has been working on the appropriate level of urban deer management. It’s been an issue and concern for residents in the context of safety along with significantly damaged property. It would seem the deer may know when different plants bloom better than property owners. The City has petitioned the …  Read More

Shed Fire

If you saw smoke in the sky this morning coming from the southwest part of our city, it wasn’t anyone sending signals to distant lands. Our fire crew responded to a call on a shed fire on 600 South near 1200 West. Thank goodness no one was injured and no additional damage was reported.

Renovation of The Madison – RE/MAX Equity Grand Opening

Steven Bond is the new broker & owner of RE/MAX Equity – which is having a Grand Opening today, Friday, May 13 and Saturday, May 14 in Provo. The public is invited to attend their grand opening and tour the industrial-modern renovation of The Madison building (located at 295 W Center St). Schedule of Events: Friday, May 13 …  Read More

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