Downtown Provo Gallery Stroll

Last night I made it to all 8 locations of the Downtown Provo Gallery Stroll. 
Meeting Ashley Mae Hoiland who went to high school with my daughter
Meeting the owner of Painted Temple and learning about their business
Learning about the talented Callis family
Seeing the youth art at the Covey Center

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Positive Economic News in Provo

Revenues at Provo’s East Bay Golf Course are up almost $75,000 compared to last year.  Just one more example of how so many are working hard to make the most of Provo’s tax dollars.
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Provo Amber Alert Update

The Provo Police Department was contacted regarding a missing, possibly abducted child. The complainants were the Grandparents They have custody of the child. 
Details Below:

The grandparents advised that they had left the child with the child's mother, their daughter.  The grandparents were leaving town for a couple of days.  The mother was to remain at the parents home with the child.
When the grandparents returned home their daughter and the child was gone.  They were unable to contact their daughter.  After waiting several hours for the daughter to return the grandparents became worried about the child's welfare.  
The grandparents advised our officers that their daughter was given direction not to remove the child from the home. The daughter was not allowed to use any of the grandparents vehicles. One of the grandparents vehicles was missing. A burgundy GMC Yukon. The grandparents wished to report the vehicle as stolen. The child had physical ailments that required regular medication. The grandparents believed if the child did not receive this medication the child may die. This medication was still at the home. With this information, the officers believed the child was in imminent danger of serious bodily harm or death. The Provo Police Department then issued an Amber Alert for the missing child shortly after midnight.
Throughout the night and early morning officers followed leads as to the whereabouts of the mother, and the missing child.
At approximately 6:00 A.M. an officer made contact with an individual who he had previously contacted concerning the missing child.  That person believed they now knew where the child was.  Officers responded to the area of 700 West and 890 North in Provo.  The mother and the missing child were located.  The child was transported to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center by Provo Fire Department paramedics to be evaluated.  The child is in good health.  The mother was transported to the Provo Police Department to be interviewed.  The mother stated she was unaware of the concern she had caused or that the police were looking for her.
The Amber Alert has been canceled.

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Provo City Signs Community Covenant

This week Provo City honored those who serve our country in the military.  Leaders from government, business and education joined together to sign a community covenant honoring and pledging to help those who serve.  The center of attention was Laura Cabanilla who leaves this week to be deployed in Kuwait for approximately one year.  In addition we honored four Provo City employees who have also deployed in the past 10 years.
Reed Van-Wagoner, Police
Shane Sorensen, Police
Steve Branam, Public Works
David Yei, Fire and Rescue
 Community Covenant
We as a community recognize and support the efforts of those serving our country; we understand and appreciate the sacrifice of our servicemembers and their families; and we acknowledge and enlist our individual and collective ability to make a difference in their daily lives.

Therefore, we as a community commit to learning about the unique needs of service members and their families in our area; we agree to work together to build a network of support for them; and we encourage each other to consider ways to help mitigate the impacts of deployments.

We love and support our service members and their families!
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Provo Police in the News

Provo City recently terminated a police officer after an internal investigation into allegations regarding his conduct while responding to a traffic accident on July 22.  The Utah County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a criminal investigation into the same allegations.  We don’t know exactly what happened on July 22; that is for the sheriff’s office to investigate.  But as I said, our own investigation has resulted in his termination.

The officer had been with the Provo City Police Department for nearly four years.  We are not aware of any similar allegations relating to him in the past.  This incident is not representative of our police force, and upon hearing the allegations, we looked into it and took action immediately.  We are proud of our police officers and hold them to a very high standard.  They are very much responsible for our exceptionally low crime rates and our nationally recognized quality of life here in Provo. 


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What is the Status of the The Joaquin School Project?

The Joaquin project has been delayed for a while like many other projects. 
My understanding is that the original developer, Arrowstar, has been through bankruptcy and several groups have been trying to get a financial package together to take over and continue the project.  Over the last couple of years, we have talked to several different groups about the project.  There are only some minor issues left for a plat to be recorded and the project built.  It has always been the financing that has been holding the project up not technical issues.

On June 30, a developer came in and applied for a building permit. They paid an $81,000 dollar plan check fee. When the plat is recorded and the building permit issued, they will pay a $126,000 building permit fee. This is exclusive of the impact fees which will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This project should be under construction within a month or two. 
Unless, of course, the financing falls through.
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The Hump Day Market

 Provo Town Square presents…
The Hump Day Market

Live music!
Outdoor Films! 
Homemade arts & Crafts!
Free raffle!
Activities for kids!
And the soon-to-be-famous 
$6.99 Brown Bag Dinner specials from:
Los Hermanos
Spicy Corea
Hickory Kist
Angels of Philly
Smokehouse Pizza & BBQ

Free for all, fun for all!!!

6 – 10 pm EVERY Wednesday, rain or shine!

Now seeking vendors, so give us a call if you’ve got something to sell!

Provo Town Square
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Who Won The Beach Boy Tickets?

Congratulations to 
Laura Seely Chapman 
Winner of the Beach Boys Tickets. 
Laura was selected by who picked the random number of 86 
During the contest over 120 people signed on to follow my blog.  Thanks!! 

P.S.:  Thanks to our sponsors who make the Mayor’s Series happen. 

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Happy Birthday ADA

Last Monday was the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
The Central Utah Center for Independent Living invited me to a ceremony commemorating the event.
I met some of our most inspiring residents, and was impressed by their indomitable strength and courage.
Thanks, CUCIL, for letting me be a part in the celebration.
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New Rooftop Concert Series

Here’s a shout out to a group of amazing residents who are volunteering their time and talent to help invigorate downtown Provo.  They’re volunteering, as in no pay, community service, labor of love.  And they do love Provo.  They are talented enough to work in far off places, but they choose to be here.
The group is the Cultural Identity Committee of Provo City’s Center Focus project.  Susan Bradford, a local community activist, is chair of the committee.  Also serving are Courtney Kendrick of c jane enjoy it and c jane’s guide to provo; singer/songwriter Mindy Gledhill; local photographer and creator of the 30 Strangers in 30 Days Justin Hackworth; and local music expert Sarah Wiley.
They have created a concert series for August, September, and October this year, starting at the Covey Center, and then moving to the rooftops:

August 2, 7:30 p.m., Covey Center, Mindy Gledhill’s “Anchor” album release concert.  The proceeds will benefit the arts in downtown Provo. It will also feature special guests The Thrillionaires.  The concert is sponsored by c jane enjoy it.
September 10, 8:30 p.m., roof of the Provo Town Square parking terrace, FREE concert by Brooke White of American Idol fame and Benton Paul, co-sponsored by Sammy’s Cafe.
October 1, 8:30 p.m., same rooftop, FREE concert by The Lower Lights.
Susan Bradford’s advice:  “Come downtown and eat at one of the fabulous restaurants downtown, then enjoy a free concert featuring some great talent.”
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