Rape Suspect Sketch

A woman was running along a dirt trail near 3400 N. 180 East in Provo around 3:15 p.m. Thursday. 
She reported that a male grabbed her, forced her to the ground and attempted to take her top off.  
The trail is known as Lover’s Lane
The man was described as a dirty, white man, around 5 feet 10 inches tall, in his mid 40’s, with a full beard about two inches long, a wrinkly face, and wearing a black fleece jacket. Anyone with information please call dispatchers at (801) 852-6210.
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Atchafalaya – A Final Goodbye

This was taken earlier today by Arnold Thiebaud with the Utah Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau.
If you like this photo, view the full slideshow.
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Help Fight Prescription Drug Abuse

Did you know that those who abuse prescription drugs often get them from other people’s medicine cabinets without them knowing?
Here are three ways to properly dispose of unused prescription drugs:
1.  Bring them to the Provo City Police Department, 48 S. 300 West.
2.  Take them to the Take Back Event this Saturday, October 9, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., at the Provo Walgreens, 1315 N. State St.
3.  Go to www.cleanoutthecabinet.org to learn how to properly dispose of prescription drugs at home.
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But We Didn’t Inhale

Today during our Gang Task Force Steering Committee meeting we discussed spice.  Here are some facts about spice.

  • Spice is a new synthetic drug being smoked to produce a high similar to marijuana or hashish. 
  • Utah County recently passed an ordinance against smoking it but not the sale or possession of it.
  • Spice is being used as an alternative to marijuana by many who are unaware of the dangers.
  • It is becoming a problem in Provo’s schools.
  • The Provo Council is considering taking action.
  • The State Legislature will likely take action on it this session.
  • I will be cheering the council onward as they discuss banning this in Provo.

Now ready for this?  In the meeting I was told that it could be purchased in a  Provo store.  Some of us on the committee found that hard to believe so we got in our cars and drove over to the store, walked in, laid down our 6 bucks and bought an ounce of spice.

You can imagine the response back in the Mayor’s office when I walked in with my baggy of spice.

There it was in what looked to be candy jars.  
It was no different than buying bubble gum from a grocery store.
Pick your flavor
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La Jolla Groves

Sue and I found ourselves with a free evening so we headed over to the Shops at Riverwoods to try out 
La Jolla Groves. 
We both gave double thumbs up to the staff, the ambiance, the price and the fantastic food
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I love Seeing Scouts at Council Meeting

Tonight we had several groups of scouts at Council Meeting.  
I told them that if invited, I would attend their Eagle Court of Honor.  
This applies to any scout in Provo.  
Give me enough notice and I’ll be there.

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What is the Status of Quiet Zones at Train Crossings?


Serious efforts have been made to pursue implementation along seven crossings in Provo (200 W, 500 W, 700 W, 900 W, 820 North, 1680 North & 2000 North).  The primary impetus has been construction of the UTA Frontrunner project and associated at-grade crossing improvements.  All UTA crossings (including Union Pacific tracks, where they are contiguous) are being upgraded to quiet zone standards at no cost to the City.  In Provo, the UP tracks are also being upgraded along 600 S (200 W – 900 W).  The other three UP crossings in northwest Provo are not contiguous, and will not be upgraded as part of the Frontrunner project.  We have begun the design for the required improvements, but the critical path for these three crossings is now funding (~$500,000/crossing, or a total of $1.5 Million).  This is currently an unfunded project in the CIP budget.

Full implementation of a “quiet zone” is essentially a 3-step process administered by the Federal Railroad Administration:
1 – Filing of a Notice of Intent to implement a “quiet zone”.
2 – Completion and certification of the required crossing upgrade improvements.
3 – Filing of a Notice to Establish the “quiet zone”.

The first two steps have now been completed for the four downtown crossings (200 W – 900 W).  We are proceeding to prepare and file the Notice to Establish.  We expect to have that filed sometime in October, after which there is a 21-day period for the railroad operators to modify procedures to operate under the “quiet zone” regulation.  Therefore, barring any complications, we expect “quiet zone” implementation at those four crossings sometime in November.

It is important to note two things.  One, this “quiet zone” will do very little to reduce train noise associated with the switching yard operations (largely east of University Ave and south of 600 South).  Second, under “quiet zone” regulations, train engineers are permitted, even required, to sound the horn when a potential hazard is noted.  In an urbanizing community like Provo, with an unfenced railroad right-of-way; pedestrians, dogs and such will continue to be a cause of horn noise.  Under the “quiet zone”, the noise will be significantly reduced, but not completely eliminated.  
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My First City Services Fair

I’m not sure what I was expecting at my first City Services Fair but I can tell you I wasn’t expecting total devastation
which is pretty much what we got.
Thanks to so many Provo City employees who risked life and limb to try and hold down the fort.  
Special thanks to Helen who worked so hard to make this event a smashing hit.  
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The Great Smokey Mountains of Provo

Just last week our department heads were joking that in a little over a month, we’ve had a major power outage, a major gas pipeline break, a water main break, and now all we need is a wild fire.
No one was joking about it today.
Here’s a summary of what happened from Deputy Fire Chief Gary Jolley:
Call was received at 1327, Fire Stations 1, 2, 4, 5 and Battalion Chief Craft responded.  There was a lot of smoke coming from the Canyon so additional help was requested from Utah County and US Forest Service.  Crews had to hike on very rugged hillsides to reach the fire.  With the help from a helicopter the fire was brought under control and contained by 1700 hrs.  The Forest Service will monitor the fire for the next few days to make sure that it is cold.  It was approximately 1 acre on the North side of the Canyon (this is in the US Forest), the helicopter dropped 1,000 gallons of water taken from the Utah State Hospitals fish pond (Thanks to the folks at the State Hospital for offering the pond for us to use).  There was a lot of potential for this to burn very fast, thanks to the fast response and the hard work from the fire crews the fire was contained quickly, and no injuries were reported.
A big thanks to all who helped!  Pictured here are Provo firefighters Marshall Brough, Peter Thorpe, Nate Broadbent, Jason Finlinson, and Spencer Long.
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Provo City Services Fair

 I’m looking forward to my first Provo City Services Fair as mayor.  There’s so much to do, I don’t know where to start.
Maybe I’ll start with a bucket truck ride.
Or karaoke.
Or the fire suppression demonstration.
 The fair will be Monday, October 4, from 4-7:30 p.m., at the Provo Towne Centre mall.  It’s free and open to the public.  Maceys will sell hot dogs and drinks and donate the proceeds to the Food and Care Coalition.
Thank you, Maceys.
Also, thank you 92.1 The Edge for your support.
And thank you Ken Shaw for all your help with the fair this year.

If you’ve never been to the Provo City Services Fair before, watch this:

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