Provo Bank Robbery

I’ll never cease to be amazed with some of the outstanding work that happens in our city by our Provo Police Department.
This morning a man entered the Wells Fargo Bank on 900 East, handed the teller a note demanding money, and rode away on his bicycle with an undisclosed amount of cash. The suspect allegedly disguised himself using a goatee and wig while in the bank but removed both items after leaving with the money.
Within minutes the officers had apprehended the cycling suspect and booked him into the Utah County Jail less than three hours later.
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Why Doesn’t the City Have an Email List?

We do!
And we’d love for you to sign up.
About twice a month Provo City sends an email to all those on the list.
The email includes notices of meetings and events, and other timely information.
And it’s free, of course.
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H2O Amazing Facts

This Provo water storage facility is made of concrete and holds 2 million gallons.

On a typical day of usage, Provo residents will use 26 million gallons of water.

On peak days of usage (July and August) residents will use 50-52 million gallons of water a day.

We have a total of 9 of these storage units located throughout the city the largest is near the MTC which holds 5 million gallons

This is the first time this facility had been drained for maintenance in over 12 years.

We have an amazing group of employees who maintain not only these tanks but our entire water system throughout the city.

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An Eagle Soars High – Thanks Taghe Steffensen

Those of us who drive North University Avenue have been watching an amazing project taking shape.
While it’s easy to see the scope of the project it isn’t so easy to see some of the details.

Here’s what I know about the project.

  • This phase has been undertaken by Taghe Steffensen as  “One Spectacular Eagle Project.”
  • Scout Troop 570 has donated over 40 man hours to this project.
  • In addition to Taghe, the neighborhood has donated all the labor to make it happen and they have accessed a Provo City Neighborhood Matching Grant.
  • The guy with the tractor is someone who spends sun up to sun down helping his neighbors.
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Senator Hatch Visits Action Target

A number of months ago I mentioned to Senator Hatch that next time he was in Provo, I’d like to show off the new Action Target facility.
Last week a received a call from his office saying he was coming Monday and wanted to see the building.  I made a quick call to my good friends at Action Target and they made some fast arrangements for the Senator. 
This year Action Target will ship over $50,000,000 of shooting range equipment around the world.  They employ 150 people, and spend 10s of millions of dollars in our local economy.  
I’m often asked if I still work at Action Target.  The answer is sadly, no. 
I miss my many friends who I worked with for over a decade.  
They keep an office and a desk for me but I have a hard time finding time to use it.

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The Mega Combined Six Neighborhood Meeting

Thanks to Wade Davis, our only customer
 Tonight we held a meeting with a combined six neighborhoods.  
The topic was the new proposed recreation center.  
We expected a good turn out and pulled the full contingency of Mayor, Council Members, Department Director, Assistant Director, Neighborhood Police Officer, Deputy Mayor, Division Office Assistant and Council Office Assistant.  
Guess how many came?  
Nevertheless we did a great presentation.  Wade and the other empty chairs were very impressed.

The City Crew Ready to Make The Presentation
I’ve learned from experience that the crowds only come out when they have a bone to pick.  
Must be a good sign for the proposed recreation center.

This is the site plan for the proposed new recreation center that will be on the ballot on November 2.
Provo City will hold one more public information meeting about it on Tuesday, October 26, at 7 p.m., at the City Center 351 W. Center St.
If you can’t make it to the meeting, you can probably find answers to any questions you have about it on the city website.  One of the coolest features is the tax impact calculator.  The owner of an average $195,000 home will pay $2.61 more per month in property tax, but find out what it means for you.
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Provo High Football

Wednesday Sue and I enjoyed good football, friends, an excited crowed and a very close football game.  
Go Provo!
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Some Days It’s Just Plain Hard to be Mayor

Thanks to David and Tom Kirkham and their hospitality,
I had a fantastic day Monday.  
Not only did I get to ride in one of these cars around the track they actually let me take one for a spin.  Almost everyone that knows I drove one asks, “how fast did you go.”  Funny thing, I can’t tell you how fast I was going because I had my eyes on the track and nothing else.  I do know that when David was driving the car made it to over 120 mph faster than you can imagine.
Few people know that Provo is home to one of the finest car manufacturing companies in the world. 
For almost 15 years Kirkham Automotive  has been manufacturing the finest aluminum bodied roadsters in the world. They have an enviable reputation in the industry for stunning cars made with hand-crafted aluminum bodies with world-class engineering and manufacturing expertise
All of this attention to detail and improved materials and manufacturing adds up to a beautiful, strong, lightweight roadster. In fact, the majority of the cars are never painted. How many other manufacturers build custom aluminum bodies that are straight enough that they can be polished to a mirror finish and then left bare? None.
Their customers  own a Kirkham for its head-turning beauty and heart-stopping performance; but, the Kirkham ownership experience goes beyond just a car.  Their customers are like a second family to them and many life-long friendships have been made with their customers. They regularly sponsor track events, open houses, and other activities where owners can gather and learn to get the most out of their vehicles. Since Larry Miller built the Miller Motorsports Park race track near they have been hosting track days free of charge to owners of their cars.
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Provo People: Heather


Every now and then I’d like to highlight some of the amazing people that make Provo great. I love to hear what they love about our city.  Our first participant is Heather Mildenstein from the Coterie Blog. 


How long have you lived in Provo?
I moved to Provo in 2005, so I’ve been here for about five years. I was attending college out of state and came here “temporarily” with some roommates. After the semester was over and I was ready to move back, I was still dating this guy named Matt, and we decided to keep dating, and eventually got hitched! He’s a Provo native and was attending school here so we stayed. 

Favorites about Provo:
*The parks. There are very few places that have amazing, clean, beautifully well-keps parks like Provo does. 

*The people. I love the interesting and diverse people that Provo attracts. We’re lucky to live so close to the university and interact with the great people from all over that attend and work there. 
*The community. After we were married and I really partook of the sense of belonging to the city of provo, rather than the “temporary student” mode I was in, I realized there is a sense of belonging that is hard to see as a student. The community is so involved with it’s residents. There are always fun, interesting happenings downtown. People CARE about the city and make huge efforts to better it. It’s wonderful.


Place to eat: 

Nice date: Communal (hands down). 
Every day craving:Rancherito, formerly known as Betos. You know, green roof, across from DI. That’s the one. 

Place to shop: 
Flower Basket and Bijou Market (handmade fair that happens twice a year)

Place to think: 
Sundance. I make the drive up there usually once a week for various things. Last winter though my family and I went snowshoeing there for the first time. It was wonderful! So peaceful and quite. We are planning on doing it many more times this winter!

Place to play: 
As a family we love Vivian Park up Provo Canyon. Also, my son Cole loves biking to the new Joaquin Park in Provo. It’s close and has a great playground! 

Place to go on a date: 
Because we don’t have a lot of time for our dates with a child and all, our go-to date is usually Provo Town Center’s Cinemark Theaters. We love the stadium seating…oh, and the arm rests that can go up!
In the summer and fall we LOVE going on the full moon lift rides at Sundance. Super awesome! Super romantic!

 My favorite memory (memories) of Provo has to be visiting it when I was little. There was this nostalgia that was linked to Provo when I was little because Provo=Grandma and Grandpa C’s house. They lived in this amazing mid-century modern home in the Grandview neighborhood. It was just so magical and always a treat to visit. 

What makes Provo great?
I think what makes Provo great is the sense of belonging to a lovely community. Provo make everyone feel welcome, visitors and residence. Provo is great because the people make it great. It’s beautiful in and of itself, with the mountains, the river, etc. But I think regardless of that it’s the community and belonging that is wonderful. 

The header for this series was done by Ashley Christensen the amazing artist behind Ashmae

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The Road Less Traveled.

John Chamberlain and I have been talking about a hike up Slate Canyon for too long.  Last Friday Sue and I  finally  got together with him for the long awaited hike.

John has been telling me about a little known trail that was created as part of FDR’s “New Deal.”  Despite his best efforts the trail has become overgrown and hard to follow. 

Most Slate Canyon hikers stay down in the bottom of the canyon along the dirt road.  This trail takes you high along the South side of the canyon.  The views are spectacular and each bend in the trail calls out for you to see what’s ahead.  We hiked for an hour and a half and then had to come back. 

If you’re interested in taking the hike you have two options.

1) Ask John to take you on a guided tour or

2) Follow my directions:  At the second parking lot head East and take the small trail that’s hard to find.  When the small trail takes a fork look for the two rocks John set on top of each other and take the other fork.  When you reach the fork that even John got mixed up at, take the left fork.

Don’t forget your water!

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