Wear and Tear or Just Getting Older?

More wrinkles, a lot less hair and 8 years older and wiser. As my time in office draws to an end I’m naturally thinking about how I’ve changed over the last 8 years.

I still love coming to work, I still enjoy the same exercise routine and I still have the same wife. What’s different? Take a look…

  • I sleep about an hour less per night than I did in 2009
  • We’ve added 4 (almost 6) grandkids
  • Half of our 6 children have been married
  • We moved
  • I lost both of my parents
  • I’ve developed arthritis in my right hand. (I took a wild guess as to how many handshakes I’ve had in the last 8 years and I figure it’s over 50,000).
  • I think my ears are protruding even more.

Life is good! If I could only slow down father time.

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Time to Tidy Up

Autumn is upon us. Soon all the trees and shrubs in our city will be brilliant, dressed in a host of shades of red, yellow, orange, and even purple among the varied greens. It’s breathtaking and gorgeous. It’s also a signal that winter will soon follow so now is our opportunity to dig in and organize and clean up our yards, our garages, and sheds. And Provo City is set up to help.

Dumpsters have been positioned at six locations within Provo and will be in place through November 4th, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday, and from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturdays. The remaining locations include:

➤ October 9 – October 14
1150 S 1350 W — Footprinters Park
1625 S Industrial Parkway — compost yard

➤ October 16 – October 21
2620 N 1200 E — Rock Canyon Park
1625 S Industrial Parkway — compost yard

➤ October 23 – October 28
100 N Seven Peaks Blvd — Peaks Arena
1625 S Industrial Parkway — compost yard

➤ October 30 – November 4
3850 N Canyon Road — Field
1625 S Industrial Parkway — compost yard

Be aware that the dumpsters are closed each night and nothing for disposal may be left on the ground.

Material to go in the dumpsters should be separated from yard waste and metals. Items that ought not to go into and weigh down the cans designed for household garbage are accepted into the dumpsters. Broken items that don’t qualify for everyday disposal options can go in the dumpsters, even pieces of used furniture. Please note unacceptable items include: rocks, tires, concrete, tree stumps, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, or household hazardous waste such as pesticides in the dumpsters or at the transfer station. Call the Provo City Customer Service at 801-852-6000 or the transfer station at 801-489-3027 for information and questions about what is acceptable.

Provo residents may take trash directly to the South Utah Valley Solid Waste District transfer station (2450 W. 400 South, Springville) free of charge (using the coupon on page 2 of the September Newsletter) September 25 – November 4, during normal business hours, Monday – Saturday, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. Cover loads to avoid a $4 tarp fee. You can also find a Leaf Bag Coupon in the September Newsletter good for five free leaf bags that can be picked up at the Public Works Dept., 1377 S. 350 E. Leaf bags are collected curbside November through December.

So if you’re ready to clean out your garage, reclaim some space for your cars, now’s the time. Look around, pick up, gather the unwanted and never-used things that clutter your yard, shed and garage. Do yourself and your neighbors a favor. It spruces up your property, makes everything safer and improves the general look of our community.

Take advantage of this opportunity. It’s a good one!

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Provo #1 Most Compassionate City

Provo has been ranked #1 in the nation for Most Compassionate City! Realtor.com ranked the 250 largest cities using the following criteria:

  • Percentage of income donated
  • Volunteer rate
  • Percentage of people working in social services, such as special ed teachers, therapists, nurses, etc.
  • Percentage of people working for nonprofit organizations
  • Public charities per capita
  • Animal shelters per capita

Residents of Provo donate an impressive 6.4% of their income to charities, according to tax return data from the IRS. It’s the highest rate in the U.S. Provo residents aren’t stingy with their time, either. Volunteers can be found helping victims of child abuse at the Children’s Justice Center and serving meals for the needy at the Food and Care Coalition.

To read the full list of compassionate city rankings and the details of each, click here.

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Mental Health Services Awareness Night

Mental Health Awareness Night is a free evening workshop for community leaders to outline and explain counseling and other resources available in Utah County to help people dealing with mental or emotional conditions. The workshop includes keynote presentations as well as informational booths from more than 30 local agencies.

If you are a community leader or hold a position for your neighborhood, church, school, or business – please save the date for Thursday, October 12th.

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Get Ready for Fire Prevention Week!

Monday, October 9 – Saturday, October 14 is Fire Prevention week and Provo Fire & Rescue is hosting Fire Prevention Public Education Events at the Provo Recreation Center! Stop by the southeast parking lot at the Provo Recreation Center on October 9th from 5:30 – 7:30 pm and October 14th from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm.

This will be a great opportunity for your family, neighborhood, scout troupe, class, or any other group to see live demonstrations and participate in fun kids learning activities!

Activities include:

  • Fireman Show and Tell
  • Fire Truck 23 and Rescue 23
  • Learn not to burn trailer – an interactive walk through that simulates fire safety in the home
  • Don’t Wait CHECK the date, replace smoke alarms every 10 years & other safety tip handouts
  • Free photo booth
  • Last but not least, kids will get pull a fire hose and spray water!

For more information, follow Provo Fire & Rescue on Facebook.

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Provo #2 Best City for Millennials

Provo has been ranked the #2 best city in the US where young people are happy, rents are affordable, and jobs are plentiful. According to a recent study by Apartment List, which evaluated the housing and job markets of popular US metro areas, as well as the satisfaction of residents there, to discover the best places for millennials to live.

To compile its ranking, Apartment List gathered the following metrics for the 75 largest US metro areas:

  • Affordability: Median rents and the share of households that can afford the median-priced home. Based on data from Apartment List and Harvard JCHS 2017 State of the Nation’s Housing Report.
  • Jobs: Median wages, wage growth, and the millennial unemployment rate. Based on Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Bureau data.
  • Livability: Renters’ satisfaction with weather; access to parks community activities, and nightlife; opportunities to date and make friends; and safety and low crime rates. Based on Apartment List’s annual survey of 24,000 renters.

No. 2 Provo, Utah, takes the second spot on the list, with high scores for jobs, affordability, and livability. Provo’s strong job growth and low millennial unemployment, combined with high livability scores, make the metro a great destination for millennials looking to relocate. Provo residents give the metro high marks for safety and dating options, and more affordable rents allow millennials to save up to purchase a home.

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Provo Canyon Fall Colors

Thanks Brock Cutler for capturing Provo’s beautiful fall colors. We truly live in a remarkable place, surrounded by gorgeous mountains and spectacular landscapes. If you haven’t already, go for a drive and soak in the beautiful fall scenery. It’s solace for the soul and breathtaking for the mind. Everywhere there’s a new hue.


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Game-Day Parking

In an effort to provide increased safety for those attending BYU Football games, the Provo Police Department is asking for those seeking to park close to the Stadium to not park along University Avenue. This No Parking area is a high-speed, heavily congested travel corridor where motorists are traveling at speeds of 35-50 miles per hour.

Cars traveling between 35-50 mph have little or no response time to stop for an excited football fan stepping out of their own car along a busy roadway hurrying to get inside the stadium. Please be aware of the danger to you and your family in this high-speed area. Keep you and your children safe by obeying the No Parking Signs along University Avenue, walk on the sidewalks, and cross the roadway in designated crosswalks when safe to do so.

Avoiding all injuries and fatalities is the crucial goal of the Provo Police Department. Parking Enforcement Officers will be enforcing this restriction by issuing Parking Citations throughout the reminder of all BYU Football games with the intent of seeking compliance to this safety concern.

Please be safe and enjoy the games.

Parking Lot Options

All reserved parking lots around LaVell Edwards Stadium (1, 2A, 2B, 3, 5, and 7) are held for specific pass holders until halftime. Parking passes are assigned based on Cougar Club membership level. Individuals may park only in their assigned lot.

Public non-reserved parking is available at the Marriott Center, Monte Bean museum, the northwest corner of lot #5 (intramural field) and the BYU administration building. Entrance to the intramural field is available on University Avenue only. Disability Parking is available in Lot 2A to anyone with a state-issued disability permit or license plate. Disability Parking in other lots is open only to those who qualify for that lot.

Centennial Middle School located at 305 E 2320 N & Plum Tree Plaza (old ShopKo/LoLo’s parking lot) located at 2230 N University Parkway is also available for game-day parking.

Keep your eyes out for Provo’s directional parking signs that will be posted on game-days. See photo below for example.

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500 West Upgrade Project

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and Provo City are partnering to continue making improvements to US Highway 89. Following the recent 300 South (US-89); 200 West to 700 East project, the next section of US-89 planned for improvements is 500 West between Center Street and Bulldog Boulevard. The project will improve the roadway and underground infrastructure while providing better transportation options for all kinds of road users including improved pavement, new bike lanes, and a wider multi-use path.

Planned project features include:

  • Improved pavement – asphalt to concrete
  • Upgrades to underground utilities including sewer
  • Improved drainage with a new storm drain system and curb/gutter
  • On-street bicycle lanes
  • Wider sidewalks
  • Raised, planted medians between blocks (no intersections affected)

The same number of travel lanes will be maintained as will the vast majority of the trees along the corridor.

Based on feedback the project team has gathered from area Neighborhood Councils, the Provo School District, Provo Municipal Council, the Provo Transportation and Mobility Council (TMAC) and City Staff, the project will add safety improvements to the intersection of 500 West and 500 North because the pedestrian tunnel at 500 North will be removed.

Planned improvements will include:

  • New dedicated right-turn lanes
  • Adding a protected left-turn phase to the traffic signal
  • Restriping two legs of the intersection as school crossings
  • Upgrading traffic monitoring equipment at the intersection

The project team is also exploring ways to enhance signal timing to prohibit other movements while the pedestrian signal is active and add extended crossing time during school arrival/release times.

Please join the 500 West project team on Wednesday, October 11 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm at Provo High School, 1125 North University Avenue, to learn more about the project.

Construction is planned to begin in the spring of 2018. Stay up to date by subscribing to project email updates by emailing provo500w@utah.gov or calling (385) 250-0606.

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Provo #1 Fastest Growing Economy

The Provo metropolitan economy grew faster than any of the other top 100 metro economies in 2016, according to an analysis of recently released economic data conducted by SpareFoot. Provo’s growth rates are higher than booming tech-centric economies like San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, and Raleigh.

When compared to metro economies of a similar size, Provo’s performance is remarkable. Provo passed the Augusta this year and looks set to pass Scranton in 2017 to become the 94th largest metro economy in the US.

According to the BEA data, the Information Technology sector made the largest contribution to Provo’s growth, boosting the area economy by 1.68%. Other high-growth sectors included Professional and Business Services, Construction, Finance-Insurance-Real Estate, and Trade. Only Manufacturing saw a year-over-year decline.

Check out the full ranking here: sparefoot.com/moving/moving-to-salt-lake-city-ut/provo-metro-economy-fastest-growing-growing-2016/?utm_content=buffer8019b&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

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