Game-Day Parking

In an effort to provide increased safety for those attending BYU Football games, the Provo Police Department is asking for those seeking to park close to the Stadium to not park along University Avenue. This No Parking area is a high-speed, heavily congested travel corridor where motorists are traveling at speeds of 35-50 miles per hour.

Cars traveling between 35-50 mph have little or no response time to stop for an excited football fan stepping out of their own car along a busy roadway hurrying to get inside the stadium. Please be aware of the danger to you and your family in this high-speed area. Keep you and your children safe by obeying the No Parking Signs along University Avenue, walk on the sidewalks, and cross the roadway in designated crosswalks when safe to do so.

Avoiding all injuries and fatalities is the crucial goal of the Provo Police Department. Parking Enforcement Officers will be enforcing this restriction by issuing Parking Citations throughout the reminder of all BYU Football games with the intent of seeking compliance to this safety concern.

Please be safe and enjoy the games.

Parking Lot Options

All reserved parking lots around LaVell Edwards Stadium (1, 2A, 2B, 3, 5, and 7) are held for specific pass holders until halftime. Parking passes are assigned based on Cougar Club membership level. Individuals may park only in their assigned lot.

Public non-reserved parking is available at the Marriott Center, Monte Bean museum, the northwest corner of lot #5 (intramural field) and the BYU administration building. Entrance to the intramural field is available on University Avenue only. Disability Parking is available in Lot 2A to anyone with a state-issued disability permit or license plate. Disability Parking in other lots is open only to those who qualify for that lot.

Centennial Middle School located at 305 E 2320 N & Plum Tree Plaza (old ShopKo/LoLo’s parking lot) located at 2230 N University Parkway is also available for game-day parking.

Keep your eyes out for Provo’s directional parking signs that will be posted on game-days. See photo below for example.

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500 West Upgrade Project

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and Provo City are partnering to continue making improvements to US Highway 89. Following the recent 300 South (US-89); 200 West to 700 East project, the next section of US-89 planned for improvements is 500 West between Center Street and Bulldog Boulevard. The project will improve the roadway and underground infrastructure while providing better transportation options for all kinds of road users including improved pavement, new bike lanes, and a wider multi-use path.

Planned project features include:

  • Improved pavement – asphalt to concrete
  • Upgrades to underground utilities including sewer
  • Improved drainage with a new storm drain system and curb/gutter
  • On-street bicycle lanes
  • Wider sidewalks
  • Raised, planted medians between blocks (no intersections affected)

The same number of travel lanes will be maintained as will the vast majority of the trees along the corridor.

Based on feedback the project team has gathered from area Neighborhood Councils, the Provo School District, Provo Municipal Council, the Provo Transportation and Mobility Council (TMAC) and City Staff, the project will add safety improvements to the intersection of 500 West and 500 North because the pedestrian tunnel at 500 North will be removed.

Planned improvements will include:

  • New dedicated right-turn lanes
  • Adding a protected left-turn phase to the traffic signal
  • Restriping two legs of the intersection as school crossings
  • Upgrading traffic monitoring equipment at the intersection

The project team is also exploring ways to enhance signal timing to prohibit other movements while the pedestrian signal is active and add extended crossing time during school arrival/release times.

Please join the 500 West project team on Wednesday, October 11 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm at Provo High School, 1125 North University Avenue, to learn more about the project.

Construction is planned to begin in the spring of 2018. Stay up to date by subscribing to project email updates by emailing or calling (385) 250-0606.

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Provo #1 Fastest Growing Economy

The Provo metropolitan economy grew faster than any of the other top 100 metro economies in 2016, according to an analysis of recently released economic data conducted by SpareFoot. Provo’s growth rates are higher than booming tech-centric economies like San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, and Raleigh.

When compared to metro economies of a similar size, Provo’s performance is remarkable. Provo passed the Augusta this year and looks set to pass Scranton in 2017 to become the 94th largest metro economy in the US.

According to the BEA data, the Information Technology sector made the largest contribution to Provo’s growth, boosting the area economy by 1.68%. Other high-growth sectors included Professional and Business Services, Construction, Finance-Insurance-Real Estate, and Trade. Only Manufacturing saw a year-over-year decline.

Check out the full ranking here:

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Rec Center Bond Refinanced

In 2010, Provo voters approved a $39 million bond to build our state-of-the-art recreation center. Always looking for a way to save our taxpayers money, we refinanced this bond last week resulting in a total savings of $3,090,994.

Taking advantage of lower interest rates and the booming local economy made for a smart move and has resulted in a lower property tax rate for Provo taxpayers. For example, there will be an average of $4 reduction per household for a home valued at $200,000. It sounds small but who can argue with a tax reduction? In addition, our bond rating from Standard and Poor’s improved from AA to AA+, just one step below a AAA bond rating.

Thanks to the Municipal Council and city staff for being fiscally conservative and having the interests of Provo taxpayers in mind while making good financial decisions. A solid local economy, coupled with sound budgeting practices and a set of strong financial principles is just good government and adds to the list of things we love about Provo.

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Provo Power Celebration

Next week is National Public Power Week and to celebrate Provo City Power is hosting a community event on Thursday, October 5th from 4:00 – 8:00 pm at the Provo Power Park & Pavilion located at 251 West 800 North. Anyone in the community is invited to join in the celebration – so bring your friends, family, and neighbors. Rain or shine, please come and check out the activities and fun for all!

Activities include:

  • Bucket Truck Rides*
  • Electric Demonstration Trailer*
  • Kids Pole Climb / Photo Booth
  • Tree Information and drawings
  • Electric Meter / Panel Education
  • Other carnival type activities
  • Free Hot dogs and drinks

*dependent on weather

For more information and updates, RSVP to the Facebook event page.

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Provo City Political Debates

Please mark your calendar for the following Provo City Debates and Meet the Candidates events. I’m looking forward to a robust election season and hope we’ll all take the time to study the candidates and their messages and cast an informed vote. Please visit or contact the Provo City Recorder’s Office at 801-852-6524 for candidate information, council district maps, vote-by-mail details, and election announcements.

Provo City Debate

Thursday, September 28
3:00 – 5:00 pm
Provo Recreation Center

Join us for the 2017 Provo City mayoral and city council candidate debate. Each debate will run for 45 minutes. Time for closing statements will be included. Mayoral candidates will debate from 3:30-4:15 and city council candidates from 4:15-5:00. Hosted by the Chamber of Commerce.

Meet the Candidates

Wednesday, October 4
Franklin Elementary School Gym
6:30 pm

Curious about those running for Provo City Mayor and Council? In this moderated discussion, Provo Candidates will have a chance to articulate their positions so you can be informed ahead of the November 7th election. After the discussion, there will be time for audience questions and a chance to meet the candidates.

Mayoral Candidate Debate

Saturday, October 7
Provo High School Auditorium
7:00 pm

For Central Area Neighborhoods – come meet the Provo Mayoral candidates!

Mayoral Candidate Debate

Monday, October 16
Amelia Earhart Elementary Gym
6:30 pm

For Southwest Area Neighborhoods – come meet the Provo Mayoral candidates!

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News from the Emergency Blogcast System!

Photo by Daily Herald

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to bring you this SPECIAL REPORT: ZOMBIES have been sighted in fields just west of McCoard’s Garden Center, Provo, Utah. State and local authorities advise all residents to converge on McCoard’s Garden Center from September 28th through October 31st to rid our community of the zombie menace.

Earlier this spring the lead researcher and horticulturalist at McCoard’s Garden Center began experiments to cross-breed and genetically enhance corn by introducing a specially developed virus. The resulting hybrid would continuously grow, even if deprived of sun and water, and yield crops year round in all climates. The solution to world hunger was finally in the grasp of humanity…then, everything went horribly wrong! While moving the viral repository, three drums of live virus were spilled. The resulting viral cloud quickly engulfed research greenhouses annihilating research team members. As the cloud dissipated moving south over the nursery all McCoard employees were infected. Employees were not as fortunate as research team members; they did not die, but became part of the living dead….ZOMBIES!

Zombies now roam the fields west of Provo feeding on human flesh. Provo City and McCoard’s Garden Center urgently request your assistance to free Provo of zombies before they spread the virus beyond the limits of this community. To assist the community with this goal, McCoard’s has developed an anti-viral solution that when fired through a paintball delivery system at the zombies, will give them final rest. Our Zombie Patrol trailers allow you to shoot LIVE zombies WITHOUT the return of live fire. The Patrol is completely safe and suitable for families and all age groups.

McCoard’s Mystery Corn Maze

While assisting McCoard’s with the zombie threat, why not treat your family and friends to the Provo Corn Maze. For five seasons running, the Provo Corn Maze has quickly become famous across the state. The Maze is actually three different mazes of varying difficulty levels and lengths. The Kiddie maze is .3 miles, the Adventurous maze is 1.4 miles and the Insane maze is 3.8 miles. The Provo Corn Maze Admission allows you access to all three mazes. The Maze has been designed to be an interactive activity (you get to solve the mystery of the maze) that makes your maze adventure more than just a haphazard stroll.

Photo by Daily Herald

Fall Activities

In addition to the Zombie Patrol and the Provo Corn Maze adventure, McCoard’s invites you to participate in many more family and group friendly activities. The following activities are free with the purchase of a Provo Corn Maze pass:

  • The Pumpkin Patch Hayride
  • The Corny Box
  • The Halloween Hippity Hop Races
  • Duck Races
  • Corn Cannon Target Practice
  • Steer Roping
  • Tractor Barrel Ride
  • Photo Ops
  • Kiddie Daytime Paintball Target Practice (Additional fees apply)

To keep the teams fed and fit for the Zombie Patrol and Maze adventure, stop by our concessions for a cold soda and a hot dog or burger. Flashlights, glow sticks and snacks are also available for purchase.

U Pick Pumpkin Patch

We have over five different kinds of pumpkins available. Cost varies depending on size.

Photo by Daily Herald

Enter to Win Two Free Passes to the Provo Corn Maze!

This calls for a giveaway! Enter to win two free passes to the Provo Corn Maze by answering this simple question: What is the total length of all the McCoard Corn Mazes combined? Leave a comment and I’ll randomly select and announce the winners on September 28th, opening day.

Directions & More Info

McCoard’s Mystery Maze & Zombie Paintball Patrol is located at 384 South 3110 West Provo. Visit their website, for pricing, hours, discounted tickets, student scholarships, and more event information. For questions, you can call 801-373-1262 or email

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.

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Want a Free Ice Cream Cone?!

Provo City’s Annual Customer Appreciation Week is Monday, October 2 – Thursday, October 5. And to celebrate and thank our awesome residents and customers, Provo 311 (Customer Service Division) is giving out FREE ice cream! They will also be handing out other prizes, promo items, and info on all of the services they provide.

Come celebrate with us and stop by the Provo City Center located at 351 W Center Street on October 2-5 between 10:00 am – 5:00 pm to get some swag and free ice cream!

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What to Do, Eat, and See in Provo!

Love this awesome Provo Travel Guide created by Josh and Sid Landon. Both have lived in Provo for several years now and have enjoyed how there are always so many fun things going on. Because they love Provo City so much, they decided to put a travel guide together and make a video about it.

Press play for a guide on what to do, eat, and see in Provo!

For links and pictures visit their blog post here.

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Pack it in Pack it out

We want to keep our parks maintained and in the best possible condition, especially during this time of year. So it’s important for patrons to follow the pavilion rules and make sure that anything they pack in is packed out.

We’ve noticed pavilions are in disarray after use and large amounts of garbage is being left behind.

The benefits to carrying out your trash and recyclables also include:

  • Reducing litter
  • Trash can be foraged by animals which can be harmful to them
  • Increasing community pride of our parks
  • Trash receptacles can detract from the beauty of each park’s natural environment
  • Increasing the safety of our patrons by reducing the number of bees, wasps, and other pests
  • Allows our limited staff resources to complete other necessary duties to keep the parks maintained

Please leave the pavilion in as good, if not better condition than when you arrived. Remove table covers, tape and any cooking oil or grease from tables, grills, and floors. Pick up all bottles, cans, paper, cigarette butts, etc., and take bagged trash with you when you are finished.

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